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Edwin Clamp - 2019

Mr. Edwin Clamp

Instructor, Management

Sergiy Dmytriyev - 2019

Dr. Sergiy Dmytriyev

Assistant Professor, Management

Tammy Duxbury

Ms. Tammy Duxbury

Instructor, Accounting

Corbin Fox - 2019

Dr. Corbin Fox

Assistant Professor, Finance

Brooke Graham

Ms. Brooke Graham

Instructor, Management

Benjamin Hamilton

Dr. Benjamin Hamilton

Assistant Professor, Economics

No Profile Photo Available

Ms. Alyse Lehrke

Instructor, Management

Jean-Jacques Lhospital

Mr. Jean-Jacques Lhospital

Instructor, Management

Pam Li - 2019

Ms. Pam Li

Assistant Professor, Hart School of Hospitality, Sport, and Recreation Management

Eugene McCarthy - 2019

Dr. Eugene McCarthy

Assistant Professor, Business Law

Sasha Naumenko

Dr. Alexandra Naumenko

Assistant Professor, Economics

Ruth O'Rourke - 2019

Ms. Ruth O'Rourke

Lecturer, Hart School of Hospitality, Sport, and Recreation Management

Tim Ozcan - 2019

Dr. Tim Ozcan

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Lauren Perpetua

Ms. Lauren Perpetua

Director of Marketing and Recruitment, MBA Programs

Matthew Reidenbach

Dr. Matthew Reidenbach

Assistant Professor, Accounting; Hantzmon Wiebel, LLP Faculty Scholar

Jennifer Amlacher - 2019

Ms. Jennifer Amlacher

Administrative Assistant, Marketing and Management

Anna Boley - 2019

Ms. Anna Boley

Assistant Director, Office of Professional Development and Engagement

Jennie Fink - 2018

Ms. Jennie Fink

Office Coordinator, Academic Success Center

Danielle Gallagher - 2019

Ms. Danielle Gallagher

Academic Advisor, Computer Information Systems; Academic Success Center

No Profile Photo Available

Ms. Kathleen Overfield-Zook

Operations Manager, Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship

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