COVID-19 has affected many families in the Madison community and will undoubtedly necessitate emergency student scholarship support.

Social distancing, while necessary, has caused market losses, unemployment and food insecurity. In response, our alumni, parents and friends around the world are asking how they can help students who need immediate assistance and support the university they love. They understand this pandemic is unprecedented for all of us. We are making hard decisions we have never had to make before, both as a nation and as a university. The financial impact will be significant.

If you are in a position to help, you can provide critical support to these students and JMU with a gift today.
Madison Forever Scholarships

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Offer emergency aid to help Dukes stay Dukes and offset tuition costs after financial loss, such as reduction of wages during a work shutdown.

JMU Counseling Center

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The JMU Counseling Center provides students with free virtual and in-person mental health care from expert, experienced professionals.

JMU Campus Pantry

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The JMU Campus Pantry provides food and hygiene items, which help students meet their basic needs, as well as interdisciplinary educational programming.

The Madison Vision Fund

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The Madison Vision Fund provides the vital, flexible funds required to meet the most urgent needs of the university.


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