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Fund Description Type
Accounting Excellence Fund Provide the resources to enhance JMU's excellence in preparing accounting graduates for successful careers. Program Support
Madison Art Collection Fund Help students, faculty and the community explore the diverse world cultures represented by artifacts in the collection. Program Support
Athletic Training Education Prepare students in athletic training through challenging and progressive academic and clinical educational experiences. Program Support
Assessment and Measurement Ph.D. Program Help students meet the expanding accountability, quality assurance, and outcome assessment needs of today Program Support
Art, Design and Art History Fund Support the creative and scholarly development of student and faculty artists, educators, historians and curators. Program Support
Edith J. Carrier Arboretum Fund Support the educational work of a wonder of nature in the heart of campus that has won numerous "best place" accolades. Program Support
Athletic Fund JMU student-athletes are students and champions. Read More Program Support
Archery Club ring the sport of fencing to students interested in learning in a fun, exciting coed athletic atmosphere. Program Support
Fencing ring the sport of fencing to students interested in learning in a fun, exciting coed athletic atmosphere. Program Support
Crew Club Provide funding and opportunities to a hard-working, student-run group of dedicated athletes. Program Support
Bachelor of Individualized Study Help adults earn a bachelor degree that accommodates individual needs, schedules, and career goals Program Support
Office of the President Emeritus Project Help celebrate and support programs recommended by the Chancellor and Emeritus President. Program Support
Alvin V. Baird, Jr. Attention Learning Disabilities Center Raise awareness and support students that face the challenges of attention and learning disabilities. Program Support
Biology Research Projects Give students access to scientific equipment and supplies to launch them into investigative and collaborative research. Program Support
Biology Visiting Speakers Fund Enrich biology education and expose faculty and students to scientists and research outside JMU Program Support
Computer Science Fund Contribute to the development of both students and computer science and help sponsor the next great innovator. Read More Program Support
The Breeze Stay informed of events around campus and the community and contribute to our award wining, official student newspaper. Program Support
Business Education and Administrative Service Fund the expenditures of Business Education and Administrative Services within the School of Education Program Support
CoB Faculty Excellence Fund Support professional development to help world-class Madison professors stay on the cutting-edge of their professions. Faculty Support
Counseling Center Ensure that students succeed and develop personally, socially, and academically by providing counseling services Program Support
Center for Economic Education Promote economic literacy throughout the Shenandoah Valley and support outreach in the community Program Support
Center for Assessment and Research Studies Provide quality assessments and increase the rigor of measurement and statistical technique across the university Program Support
Center for Faculty Innovation Fund Support the innovation of the JMU faculty in teaching, research, scholarly writing, service and student mentorship. Faculty Support
Chemistry Fund Help ensure new faculty success and give chemistry students the chance to work one on one with research mentors. Read More Program Support
Cherry, Bekaert and Holland Faculty Fellowship Contribute to help a faculty member further his or her educational and professional duties. Faculty Support
Children's Playshop Support the JMU School of Theatre and Dance in providing engaging, family-friendly theater for the community Program Support
Deloitte Fellowship Support and encourage faculty to further their educational and professional goals and aspirations. Faculty Support
CSM Student Research and Travel Fund Help offset the research and travel expenses for JMU undergraduates who present at regional and national conferences. Read More Research
Community Service Learning Help incorporate community service as an integral part of what it means to be an enlightened, responsible citizen Program Support
Faculty and Student Summer Research in Biology Support a student-faculty team research project, encouraging professor-student collaboration in biological research Research
Communication Studies Fund Support the study of human communication, which is central to achieving the betterment of self and community. Program Support
Media Arts and Design Fund Ensure that curriculum and programs continue to educate students who can excel in a rapidly evolving media environment. Program Support
Research and Scholarship Support faculty in funding the revision and development of cutting-edge academic programs in new and emerging areas. Faculty Support
Disability Services Assist in creating an accessible community for students with disabilities to fully participate in their education. Program Support
JMU Dance Program Support faculty as they work closely with students to develop individual paths to careers in dance Program Support
Forensics Individual Events Support the Forensics team and its student talent as the team travels and represents JMU at speech-related competitions. Program Support
Forensics - Individual Events Support the Forensics team and its student talent as the team travels and represents JMU at speech-related competitions Program Support
Public Relations Program Supports public relations students in SCOM and helps ensure curriculum and programs launch students into successful careers. Program Support
Debate Team Help the JMU debate team continue to be one of the best policy debate teams in the country. Program Support
Early, Elementary and Reading Education Fund Help give young children the start they need by supporting the education of outstanding teachers at JMU. Program Support
Economics Lectureships and Student Research Fellowships Support students involved in lectureships and student research fellowships in economics. Research
The Economics Department Fund Help students as they connect the issues of economics and social sciences, problem solve and make responsible decisions. Program Support
The English Department Fund Help provide students with the strong foundation in the skillful use of language that employers seek. Program Support
Center for Entrepreneurship Fund Support students of all majors as they embark on their entrepreneurial path, taking their vision from idea to execution. Program Support
Finance and Business Law Fund Promote the skillset of the future as students investigate innovation and problem-solving in finance and business law. Program Support
Faculty Success Fund Faculty support helps us get and keep the best professors. Read More Faculty Support
CHBS Special Projects Support the College of Health and Behavioral Science by funding their special projects. Program Support
College of Arts and Letters Fund Launch students on a lifelong search for knowledge and understanding the human condition through rigorous scholarly inquiry. Program Support
Visual and Performing Arts Fund Foster creative, scholarly collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange for faculty, students and visiting artists. Program Support
JMU Dukettes Dance Team Support the group of dedicated and talented students who bring endless school spirit to JMU sports through their dancing. Program Support
Foreign Language Fund Give students foreign language competency, global perspective and an understanding of ancient and modern cultures. Program Support
Furious Flower Poetry Center Fund Preserve the power of the American literary experience by supporting the study of poetry and encouraging new talent. Program Support
Geology and Environmental Science Fund Help geology majors to conduct vital fieldwork and present their research findings at national professional conferences. Read More Program Support
Geographic Information Sciences Prepare students to address problems associated with spatial patterns and processes of human and environmental change. Program Support
General Education Fund Ensure that students receive that liberal arts grounding from one of the nation's leading General Education programs. Program Support
McGladrey, LLP Faculty Fellowship Contribute to the future of students by supporting faculty in the College of Business. Faculty Support
The Graduate School Fund Support students pursuing advanced degrees in JMU's superlative and innovative graduate programs of distinction. Program Support
Graduate Psychology Help produce psychologists committed to their patients, ethical responsibility, social awareness, and global engagement Program Support
JMU Campus Cadet Program Ensure the safety and welfare of the campus community and help reduce the impact of crime on the university. Program Support
JMU Emeriti Association Faculty Grant Fund Help continue to build the JMU culture and support faculty in a different department each year Faculty Support
Hantzmon, Wiebel and Company Faculty Fellowship Award a notable faculty member and help them further their professional and educational goals. Program Support
Health Sciences Fund Help the Health Sciences Department as it breaks new ground each day with students in four concentrations. Program Support
University Health Center Support staff as they empower students to make informed choices and provide a holistic approach to student health Program Support
John C. Wells Planetarium Fund Untether young intellects from their earth-bound perspectives. Open their eyes to the vast possibilities of their future. Read More Program Support
Journalism Program Support Fund the next generation of writers and reporters by providing them tools to report in engaging and conscientious ways. Program Support
The History Department Fund Give students historical knowledge and the independent critical thinking, communication and research skills to use it. Program Support
Honors College Fund Help create exceptional and compelling scholarly experiences for highly motivated and intellectually gifted students. Program Support
Hospitality, Tourism Management Fund Help hospitality students by growing progressive, challenging programs that fuse business, technology and analysis. Program Support
Institute for Stewardship of the Natural World Support sustainability by facilitating environmental efforts and advocacy across JMU's campus Program Support
ISAT - Wind Energy Support the innovation and environmental consciousness behind ISAT's initiative to bring more wind power to JMU Program Support
Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics Support a program dedicated to helping students jump start their careers in the challenging and rewarding IT marketplace Program Support
Information Analysis Program Support students with interest in becoming government or private industry intelligence analysts. Program Support
International Business Program Change perspectives and equip students to work comfortably in more than one corner of the global marketplace. Program Support
Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Fund Support this fund to help students in their quest to become effective and persuasive communicators. Program Support
Institute for Visual Studies Fund Support the inquiry of multidisciplinary teams of faculty and students investigating the nature and workings of images. Program Support
Alternative Fuels Help students in ISAT explore alternative fuels and work toward environmental sustainability. Program Support
ISAT Department Fund Help students apply science and technologies to social problems and realize solutions that are embraced by society. Read More Program Support
JMU Jazz Ensemble Help to support our talented musicians as they further their performance experience in JMU Jazz ensembles Program Support
JMU Learning Centers Give students the tools to succeed by supporting learning centers that specialize in different areas of study. Program Support
Johnson Lambert and Company Beta Alpha Psi Faculty Fellowship Help faculty establish education to prepare students for a future in their industry. Faculty Support
Justice Studies Program Fund Help students develop an understanding of justice as they prepare to invest themselves in helping others. Program Support
Math and Statistics Fund Give math and statistics majors the chance to undergo scientific peer review at national professional conferences. Read More Program Support
KPMG Accounting Professorship Contribute to the future of professional and prepared students by supporting an accounting professor. Faculty Support
Fund for Carrier Library Support the future of JMU's oldest library, where a century of students have sought knowledge, discipline and learning. Program Support
Learning, Technology and Leadership Education Fund Support a program that prepares students needed in positions of learning and leadership throughout society. Program Support
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally Education Support the LGBT ally program and encourage diversity through education, support, advocacy, and equality Program Support
Speech-Language, Hearing Applied Lab Fund Support the vital hands-on work of the Speech-Language and Hearing Lab for faculty, students and clients. Program Support
Global Nonviolence Center Fund Honor the icon who espoused Be the Change and create a just and better world by supporting the Mahatma Gandhi Center. Program Support
The Management Department Fund Sponsor the investigation of how people can work well with others and also manage a successful and ethical business. Program Support
JMU Marching Royal Dukes Band Support the group of dedicated and talented students who bring endless school spirit and music to JMU sports Program Support
The Marketing Department Fund Support the vibrant instruction and innovative curricula that help students develop specialized skills in marketing. Program Support
Master of Business Administration Program Help students become accomplished in today¿s complex and dynamic business environment through two MBA programs. Program Support
JMU Choral Area Support the talent and growth of JMU's premiere vocal performance groups Program Support
Men's Club Rugby Encourage team unity and provide a competitive and safe environment to play, practice and perfect the sport of rugby. Program Support
Men's Club Soccer Encourage healthy competition, teamwork, and camaraderie by helping students pursue a worldwide sport. Program Support
Men's Club Water Polo Foster the competitive and social environment produced by a club spot that emphasizes teamwork, dedication, and skill. Program Support
Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education Fund Help prepare the middle, secondary and mathematics teachers who will educate the next generation of youth. Program Support
Military Science (ROTC) Fund Help the JMU Duke Battalion recruit, develop, train and commission agile and adaptive warrior-leaders. Program Support
Center for International Stabilization and Recovery Improve lives and communities by supporting this organization that helps those affected by conflicts around the world. Program Support
Multicultural and International Student Services Center Support the Center for Multicultural Student Services and encourage diversity and cultural understanding at JMU Program Support
School of Music Fund Help a conservatory-quality faculty produce the classically trained artists who will rapt audiences and educate children Read More Program Support
The Nelson Institute Fund Support the institute as it studies ways to fight global terrorism and strengthen our nation's strategic position. Program Support
New Image Gallery Gain a different perspective and support contemporary photography by regional, national and international artists Program Support
Nursing Fund Add to the hands-on learning experiences of JMU nursing students with high-fidelity simulators in the Simulation Lab. Program Support
Nursing Student Activities Continue the donations started by Flagstaff Industries and help offset the cost of attending nursing association events. Program Support
Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices Support a fair and ethical JMU community, and encourage moral responsibility and honest actions Program Support
Orchestra Help provide top-notch training and musical experience for some of JMU's most talented musicians. Program Support
Outreach Programs Help reach out to potential new students and anyone looking to find out what the Madison experience is all about. Program Support
Percussion Studio Honor a JMU percussion ensemble with a nationwide reputation for performance quality. Program Support
PBMares Fellowship Help faculty in the College of Business further and perform their educational and professional duties. Faculty Support
Philosophy and Religion Fund Support students as they delve into questions at the heart of the nature of knowledge and human beliefs. Program Support
JMU Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa Promote scholarship and honor intellectual achievement by supporting the nation¿s oldest academic honor society Program Support
Kinesiology Fund Help students build strong careers in improving individual and societal health through physical activity and fitness. Program Support
Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Commit to educating future teachers of physical and health education to create a healthier generation Program Support
Physicians Assistant Program Help provide general supplies and services in support of the PA concentration in the Department of Health Sciences. Program Support
Physics Fund Help give youth an early start and give physics majors the benefits of the premier undergraduate physics program in the nation. Read More Program Support
Career and Academic Planning Engage students in the process of exploring, evaluating, and choosing academic programs and careers. Program Support
Political Science Department Fund Support the Political Science Department as it prepares students for careers in the world of government and politics. Program Support
President's Council Fund Get involved in philanthropy and join the President¿s Council with a gift of $1,000 annually Program Support
Student Activities and Involvement Office Support Student Activities and Involvement programs such as leadership development, educational speakers, and campus involvement. Program Support
Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services Fund Support the good works of the institute, including hands-on student projects and community service-learning. Read More Program Support
Presidential Inauguration Support Fund Support and celebrate JMU¿s instrumental presidential leadership Program Support
The Psychology Department Help provide students with the broad training and specialized clinical skills in psychology and research methodology. Program Support
Sports and Recreation Management Fund Foster student understanding of hospitality, sport and recreation industries and preparation for successful careers. Program Support
Robinson, Farmer, Cox Educational Foundation's Faculty Fellowship Support Accounting faculty working to advance programs to create strong educated and professional business students. Faculty Support
College of Business Fund Help the College of Business prepare engaged, entrepreneurial, ethical graduates who advance quickly in their careers. Program Support
College of Education Help the faculty prepare educators who aspire to meet the needs of a changing, pluralistic and democratic society. Read More Program Support
Information Technology Assist the IT department in providing superior customer service, seamless training, and enhanced academic instruction Program Support
Science and Math Fund Help support the expert and engaged faculty members at the heart of Madison's distinguished science and math programs. Read More Program Support
Sawhill Gallery Support art exhibitions of international, national, and regional significance right on JMU¿s campus Program Support
Semester in Salamanca Send students to study in Salamanca, where they live with local families and acquire a genuinely local perspective. Program Support
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Help expand and encourage one of the most in-demand fields in the current workforce and support JMU's role in it Program Support
College of Integrated Science and Technology Support the study of technical knowledge with the human element of STEM to help graduates find solutions to challenges Program Support
Department of Engineering Help students as they analyze problems and design solutions with technical, economic, environmental, and social impacts Program Support
School Psychology Program Help psychologists better understand the world and how we think about it behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively Program Support
Sociology and Anthropology Fund Help students understand ancient and modern cultures, relationships and the spectrum of human diversity. Program Support
Fund for Social Work Prepare social work majors for social services careers and advanced degrees in social work programs across the nation. Program Support
Department of Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities Help prepare educators and others who teach and serve individuals with exceptionalities and their families. Program Support
Communication Sciences and Disorders Support the study of speech pathology and audiology and prepare students for state and national certification Program Support
Theatre Program Support talent, creativity, and passion through a full production program and appreciation of great works in theatre Program Support
Madison Investment Fund - Operations Support the development of a cutting-edge program in the Department of Finance and Business Law Program Support
Division of Student Affairs Support our program's dedication to assuring our students obtain life long skills and accomplish their dreams Program Support
Center for Global Engagement Give students the opportunity to live and study in a different culture and better understand themselves and others. Program Support
Theatre and Dance Fund Support the creative and scholarly development of student and faculty performers, designers, historians and educators. Program Support
Technology Alumni Group Help to foster student, alumni, and faculty success by exposing them to cutting-edge technology. Program Support
University Unions Support the "Heart and Soul of JMU," which provides services, programs, and facilities that form communities at JMU Program Support
University Recreation Fund Help supplement and enhance the full spectrum of student activities and leadership opportunities involved with recreation and fitness. Program Support
Madison Fund Support this fund and give the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships the resources to help students in need. Program Support
Parents Fund We prepare them to lead productive and meaningful lives. Support the Parents Fund. Read More Program Support
WMRA General Funds Help the JMU-operated radio station offer news coverage, classical, folk, blues, and jazz music to nearby communities Program Support
Women's Resource Center Support the health and wellness needs of women at JMU within the University Health Center Program Support
University Program Board Fund a student-run organization that brings performers, activities, and events to JMU's campus Program Support
VERIS Consulting Faculty Fellowship Partner with VERIS Consulting and Beta Alpha Psi to support a faculty member. Faculty Support
Wood Family Fund Encourage the value of learning by supporting deserving students in their pursuit of education. Program Support
Young Children's Program Help JMU Education students get involved by leading quality learning programs for young children and their families. Program Support
Women's Club Lacrosse Provide experience players the opportunity to participate in competitive play in a team-oriented atmosphere. Program Support
Women's Club Rugby Support the women's club rugby team in funding travel, equipment, and activity expenses Program Support
Women's Club Water Polo Complement the academic experience with a competitive atmosphere that build skills and teaches the game of water polo. Program Support
JMU Recreational Climbing Support Fund Encourage unique fitness and wellness among college students by supporting recreational climbing at JMU. Program Support
Club Gymnastics Provide funding to a team that promotes a fund and encouraging atmosphere for all levels of gymnasts. Program Support
Cycling Club Fund an outlet for students to be active in cycling either recreationally or competitively. Program Support
Class of 1953 Golden Reunion Gift Help the class of 1953 celebrate their reunion and gift a deserving student. Endowment Support
Class of 1962 Scholarship Help the class of 1962 honor a exceptional and deserving student. Scholarships
Class of 1963 Help the class of 1963 support a their alma mater through a financial contribution. Endowment Support
Accounting Scholarship Support the academic and career goals of deserving students pursuing a degree in Accounting. Scholarships
Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education Student Award Support greatness among JMU's best Adult Education and Human Resource Development students Scholarships
Donna S Amenta Chemistry Award Honor a remarkable professor and support a deserving student interested in the investigation of chemistry Scholarships
Norlyn L. Bodkin Scholarship Support a deserving biology student conducting field studies for the arboretum and botanical field. Scholarships
Martha B. Caldwell Art History Award Recognize an outstanding graduating senior who demonstrates original thinking and outstanding scholarship. Scholarships
Centennial Scholars Program Aid minority and underrepresented students from low socio-economic backgrounds to pursue higher education. Scholarships
Program Support
CoB Scholarships Help attract top business students to JMU and in turn help produce the kind of proficient graduates business demands. Scholarships
Edith J. Carrier Fellowship for Arboretum Fund an internship for an ISAT student on water management at EJC Arboretum. Program Support
Endowment Support
Computer Information Systems Scholarship Support the past and future achievements of a CIS student with high potential Scholarships
Walter and Martha Curt Computer Science Scholarship Contribute to a fund that recognizes and support one computer science student every year. Scholarships
Walter and Martha Curt Physics Scholarship Contribute to a fund that recognizes and support one physics student every year. Scholarships
Student Affairs Scholarship Support students who are family members of full-time employees in the Division of Student Affairs and University Planning Scholarships
Casey Mitschele Dorsey Scholarship Reward a junior or senior psychology student with high academic credentials and potential Scholarships
EU Policy Studies Fund Support the only one of its kind, a study abroad master's political science program focused on the European Union. Program Support
Novetta Scholarship Recognize a student in Computer Science in honor of President Scott Gessay's contributions to FGM/Novetta Solutions. Scholarships
Frazier Scholarship Encourage outstanding student musicians to choose JMU and pursue their studies of music. Scholarships
Sally A. and Robert M Goldberg Scholarship Help JMU reward a student in need who seeks to foster and encourage the next generation of young students. Scholarships
Home Ride of Virginia, Inc. Scholarship upport a junior or senior level student from the Northern Virginia area with strong academic achievement. Scholarships
General Scholarships Support our brilliant students as they become accomplished graduates. Scholarships
MPRI Interactive Media Scholarship Support a rising senior preparing for a career in interactive media who shows academic achievement and financial need. Scholarships
International Student Scholarship Promote diverse perspectives through scholarship support to worthy international JMU students with financial need. Scholarships
Integrated Science and Technology Scholarships Support an exciting and evolving discipline that encourages problem solving and critical thinking for the 21st century Scholarships
The William King Charitable Trust Scholarship Support students in the Ghana summer broad program interested in studying Africa and Ghana in particular. Scholarships
Earlynn J. Miller Scholarship for Dance Support one or more outstanding undergraduate students who show high achievement in academics and dance performance. Scholarships
Music Department Scholarship Foster the creative and scholarly development of JMU musicians, educators, historians and industry professionals. Scholarships
Neckowitz Study Abroad Scholarship Support a high achieving student who demonstrates financial need and is participating in a study abroad program. Scholarships
Sarah Lanier Tabb Oliver Memorial Scholarship Fund the Madison Experience for a female student who would otherwise not be able to attend JMU Scholarships
Performing Arts Center Seat Campaign Name a seat in the Forbes Center to honor a loved one and to support scholarships for theater, dance and music students. Program Support
Presser Foundation Scholarship Encourage prestige of performance and recognize excellence in outstanding music majors. Scholarships
Donald Robertson Scholarship Award students based on their essays of why they want to become teachers and what they hope to accomplish. Scholarships
Thomas E. and Sherry Woodroof Rogowski Scholarship Join alumni in supporting a deserving undergraduate student pursuing a degree in psychology. Scholarships
Harrisonburg-Rockingham Economic Educator Annual Awards Fund Economic teaching awards for outstanding educators in the Rockingham and Harrisonburg community. Scholarships
Semester in London Fund Enable students to participate in Semester in London, which is almost 40, making it JMU's oldest Study Abroad program. Program Support
Semester in Florence Fund Send students to this jewel of world culture and immerse them in the arts, sciences, politics and humanities. Program Support
Semester in Antwerp Fund Support the international business perspective with an immersion experience in Antwerp in the heart of Europe. Program Support
SMAD General Scholarships Support a dynamic JMU major that teaches a fusion of media skills, technologies, and communication strategies Scholarships
Hattie M. Strong Foundation Scholarship Support two students in their final year of undergraduate or graduate program leading to initial licensure in education. Scholarships
Elizabeth Swallow Scholarship for Double Reed Music Majors Help JMU to attract talented and unique oboe and bassoon instrumentalists by funding their growth as musicians Scholarships
Richard L. and Linda Early Taliaferro Scholarship Support an undergraduate student engaged in the study of biology who demonstrates financial need. Scholarships
Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Support a financial need based scholarship dedicated to deserving, women nursing majors from southern states. Scholarships
John Woody Scholarship Honor an emeritus professor of SMAD and award a rising senior of Digital Video and or Cinema concentration. Scholarships
Write of Passage Scholarship Help a WRTC student who demonstrates financial need as they gain skills in technical writing and communication. Scholarships
Kay Veith Field Archaeology Award Fund a high-achieving anthropology student with an interest in archaeology who is pursuing a field project Scholarships
Derrick Beckner Memorial Fund Support the Mens Volleyball Club in honor of rising senior Derrick Beckner. Program Support
Leslie George Memorial Fund Create awareness and provide support for people struggling with eating disorders in honor of sophomore Leslie George. Endowment Support
Roger Ruth Memorial Show support for education in the field of audiology and provide opportunities for future audiology experts. Endowment Support
Parent Relations and External programs Help JMU provide support and outreach for JMU parents. Program Support
Alumni Relations Support dedicated alumni in remaining involved in the JMU community and serving as ambassadors for the university. Program Support
Alumni Diversity Endowment Help to increase and support the activities of diversity groups on JMU's campus. Program Support
Endowment Support
Interfaith Chapel of JMU Support a place on campus that provides a nondenominational, peaceful, and reverent area for people to pray or meditate Program Support
Endowment Support
Administrative Endowment Help JMUs administration put students first by preparing them to become leaders and inspiring them to be the change. Endowment Support
Martha T. Boaz Libraries & Educational Technologies Faculty Development Support professional development for libraries and educational technologies to stay abreast of new knowledge and tools. Program Support
Center for Service Learning Help grow the endowment that prepares students to effect positive social change. Program Support
Endowment Support
College Student Personnel Administration Contribute to a program that specializes in preparing, developing, and counseling students toward success in college. Program Support
Political Science Professors Fund Honor the dedication of retired Madison professors by supporting continued enhancement of teaching and research at JMU. Read More Faculty Support
Endowment Support
Margaret Gordon Memorial Scholarship Award an undergraduate student for outstanding accomplishments in biology research and honor Margaret Gordon. Scholarships
Huber Endowment for IHHS Honor the extraordinary health and human services visionary who formed the JMU IIHHS and support its programs. Read More Endowment Support
Library Endowment Fund Support the behind-the-scenes, 24/7 work of the libraries, which results in student success and information literacy. Program Support
Endowment Support
Tom McLaughlin Memorial Library Endowment Support the library in the acquisition of library materials and collections, reference materials, technology, library facility improvements and student support. Program Support
Endowment Support
Morrison-Bruce Center Fund Sponsor the center that advocates physical activity for girls and women and honor the powerful contribution of JMU women. Read More Program Support
Trelawny Research Endowment Fund Give biology undergraduate researchers the real-world perspective scientists need in today's discovery marketplace. Read More Research
Class of 1946 Endowed Scholarship Reward a deserving, full-time JMU student who demonstrates financial need in honor of the class of 1946. Scholarships
Endowment Support
Alumni Class of 1952 Endowed Scholarship Support an incoming first-year who has strong credentials in academics, extra-curriculars, and community service. Scholarships
Endowment Support
Class of 1954 Scholarship Help the class of 1954 celebrate their reunion and gift a deserving student. Scholarships
Endowment Support
Class of 1955 Endowed Academic Scholarship Help make someone¿s Madison Experience brighter by supporting a student with financial need in pursuing their dreams. Scholarships
Endowment Support
Class of 1956 Scholarship Award a deserving, full-time, undergraduate student in good academic standing. Scholarships
Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship Support an incoming first-year who has strong credentials in academics, extra-curriculars, and community service Scholarships
Endowment Support
Class of 1960 Endowed Academic Scholarship Support the Class of 1960 in providing financial aid and a more attainable Madison Experience to deserving students. Scholarships
Endowment Support
Class of 1961 Scholarship Award a deserving, full-time, undergraduate student in good academic standing. Scholarships
Class of 1988 Scholarship Encourage high-achieving, engaged, and involved students to push their boundaries even further Scholarships
Class of 1943 Scholarship Reward an incoming legacy student with strong academic, extracurricular, and community service qualifications. Scholarships
Victoria Alcantara Memorial Scholarship Honor model nursing major and well-rounded Madison student Victoria Alcantara by giving to this scholarship. Read More Scholarships
Kathleen G. Arthur Scholarship Endowment for International Study in Art History in Florence Support students majoring or minoring in Art History who have been accepted into the JMU Semester in Florence program. Scholarships
Tom Arthur Scholarship Endowment for Theatre Help students with limited means of support who are active in Madison's Theatre activities. Scholarships
Alexander B. Berry Jr./Linwood G. Parrish Memorial Endowed Scholarship Reward a business student with academic potential, demonstrated leadership skills, and financial need Scholarships
Endowment Support
Biology Fund Help provide research stipends that make summer an intense, scholarly experience in the lab for more students. Read More Program Support
Michael Matthew Brown Memorial Scholarship Established by Delta Sigma Pi, support an outstanding accounting student and honor Michael Matthew Brown Scholarships
Benedict Scholarship Honor Dr. Benedict by helping a senior-level psychology major who is pursuing a higher education psychology career. Read More Scholarships
Endowment Support
Benedict * Scholarship Endowment in Psychology This scholarship supports an outstanding senior-level psychology student interested in a career in higher education. Scholarships
Craig M. Blass Memorial Scholarship Reward a high-achieving business student with the financial means to pursue new academic and career opportunities. Scholarships
Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship Benefit deserving under-represented students entering the university as first-year students Scholarships
Lacy Daniel Scholarship Reward an outstanding student who has exhibited special accomplishments in extra-curricular activities. Scholarships
Bruce, Crawford, Morrison, Rummel Initiative Help to open doors for women in the community through empowerment, support and education. Program Support
Peggy Brooks Burruss Library Endowment Help grow the endowment that helps JMU preserve and restore historic materials documenting Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. Program Support
Endowment Support
Classified Employees' Student Scholarship Support a fund created by JMU's generous employees in this division Scholarships
Liberty Casali Scholarship Honor a pioneer and grow a scholarship that will enable more undergraduates to become innovators in chemistry. Read More Scholarships
Gab Soon Choi Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Voice in the School of Music Help alleviate the cost of the Madison Experience and fund the dreams of a talented and deserving vocal student Scholarships
Program Support
Endowment Support
Jonathan Davis Memorial Scholarship Support a graduate student who is committed to suicide awareness or prevention through training, research, or practice Scholarships
Luis De Souza Pinto '02 Memorial Scholarship Endowment for the Men's Rugby Football Club Support an international student with a desire to attend JMU and become involved in the Men's Rugby Football Club Scholarships
Agness S. Dingledine Memorial Scholarship Honor a JMU icon by supporting high-achieving students who want to make a difference in the community and the world Scholarships
Administration and Finance Scholarships Help JMU employees give their children the Madison Experience they helped create by giving to this need-based fund. Scholarships
Endowment Support
Doherty Geology Student Research Endowment Support student research and honor the legacy of geology and environmental science major and researcher Allison Doherty. Read More Program Support
Endowment Support
Elizabeth and Melvin Eldridge Scholarship Honor a legacy of support and encouragement by helping a rising CoB senior with leadership and citizenship capabilities. Scholarships
J. Barkley Rosser, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Provide scholarship support to a junior-level Economics major who has demonstrated high academic potential and rigor. Scholarships
Integrated Science and Technology Endowment Fund faculty development, travel expenses, educational support, and department grants in ISAT. Endowment Support
Finance and Business Law Your support will help encourage our students to succeed both academically and professionally in the finance world Program Support
Catherine King Frazier Memorial Scholarship Support a promising new freshman geology major and honor a professor well known as an advocate for women in geology. Scholarships
Scholarships Endowment Help fund the Madison Experience of high-potential students who the JMU Office of Financial Aid deems deserving. Scholarships
Endowment Support
Bob Gordon Physics Scholarship Support the Gordon Scholarship for top freshmen and help make physics the premier undergraduate program in the nation. Read More Scholarships
Robert Michael Harper Memorial Scholarship Honor an involved JMU alum by funding a deserving and dedicated member of Alpha Chi Rho at JMU Scholarships
James J. Hart Memorial Scholarship Reward an outstanding Junior-level Psychology major with a commitment to improving the human condition Scholarships
Matthew D. Horning Memorial Scholarship Honor a dedicated and beloved JMU student who perished in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center Scholarships
Carrie Kutner Student Ambassador Scholarship Support a student who is not currently a student ambassador, but exhibits significant service and love for JMU. Scholarships
The Ian Kincheleo Memorial Scholarship Honor and remember a special person and distinguished student scholar of the Beta Beta Beta Biology Honors Society. Scholarships
Management Endowment Support the learning of leadership skills and the systematic investigation of ways people can work well with others Endowment Support
Madison Business Scholarship Endowment Award outstanding undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need, moral character, and community involvement. Scholarships
Endowment Support
Madison History Alumni Scholarship Help history alumni make a difference and build connections in the lives of undergraduate history students at JMU Scholarships
Malcolm G. Lane Scholarship Endowment Support an exceptional undergraduate junior or senior pursuing a degree in computer science. Scholarships
Metro-Washington Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship Reward a Metro-Washington area student with high academic credentials and potential Scholarships
Endowment Support
Robin McKay Memorial Scholarship Reward a speech pathology student who has strong academic credentials and is a well-rounded member of the community. Scholarships
One Day One University Scholarship For a rising senior in Digital Video and Cinema or Converged Media concentration. Scholarships
Parents Council Endowment for Scholarships Help a deserving student that demonstrates financial need continue or start their college education Scholarships
Endowment Support
Palocsay Scholarship Support an outstanding undergraduate researcher in chemistry and honor the life's work of professor Frank Palocsay. Read More Program Support
Endowment Support
JMU Leadership and Service Scholarship Shape aspiring leaders who have given service to campus or the local community. Endowment Support
Frances Hughes Pitts Memorial Scholarship Award a deserving female student majoring in the natural sciences and honor Frances Hughes Pitts. Scholarships
Richard Roberds Scholarship Grow the endowment that honors this professor and support an undergraduate integrated science and technology scholar. Read More Scholarships
Residence Life Student Leaders Award Endowment Encourage and support outstanding leadership among student leaders in residence halls Program Support
Endowment Support
SMAD Alumni Professional Advisory Council Scholarship Support SMAD students that show promise and commitment to their field. Scholarships
Cullen Sherwood Scholarship Enable outstanding geology majors to study with engaged and expert Madison faculty mentors like Cullen Sherwood. Read More Scholarships
Glenn Smith Memorial Scholarship Sponsor the academic growth of a deserving Computer Information Systems or Management Science student Scholarships
Steven Snyder Memorial Award Support the passion of JMU Theatre students who have demonstrated creative work and high achievement in theatre Program Support
Dwight M. Sours Memorial Scholarship Support the Adult Degree Program by sponsoring an excellent, hardworking student who is engaged in the community Scholarships
Communication Sciences and Disorders Scholarship Support a CSD Double Duke through that first year of JMU Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology grad school. Scholarships
Endowment for Student Government Association Leadership Award a student participating in the annual essay competition who is an outstanding student actively involved in SGA. Program Support
Endowment Support
Leann Whitlock Psychology Memorial Scholarship Support a Junior Psychology major from an underrepresented group whose talents and abilities enrich the JMU community Scholarships
The Adam R. Wheatcroft Memorial Archery Endowment Honor a two-time national archery champion by funding travel and training activities for JMU's archery team Program Support
Endowment Support
Witthoeft Family Scholarship Honor the Witthoefft family and support a student who demonstrates financial need. Scholarships
WMRA-FM Public Radio Support the WMRA-FM public radio station provide news coverage, music, and engage the community. Program Support
Maurice Wolla Scholarship Support an integrated science and technology undergraduate while honoring the distinguished professor and teacher. Read More Scholarships
Sara C. Yakovac Memorial Scholarship Fund Reward an Economics student who has demonstrated high academic achievement, leadership, and involvement at JMU. Scholarships
Center for Service Learning Prepare students to become educated, enlightened citizens committed to affecting positive social change. Program Support
Gilliam Center Fund Help change the climate of business through the Gilliam Center for Free Enterprise and Ethical Business Leadership. Program Support
Class of 1988 Alumni Scholarship Support the Class of 1988 in rewarding an academically successful and involved student at JMU. Scholarships
Art Scholarship Sponsor incoming and freshman students who show artistic accomplishments in art or art history. Program Support
Steven and Alice Postel Brown Scholarship Support students in Human Resource Management who demonstrate commitment to pursuing careers in the field. Scholarships
Marlene and Peter Coe Scholarship Benefit a student who demonstrates the capacity to contribute to the visual and performing arts community at JMU. Scholarships
The Donovan Family Scholarship Support a student that shows both academic and leadership promise in the College of Business. Scholarships
Alumni Legacy Scholarship Give legacy students the chance to join a family tradition by becoming JMU students. Scholarships
Kathleen Lutz Gardner Scholarship Help students become future musician by learning artistic expression and embracing creativity. Scholarships
Patsy Graham Scholarship Support an active, cheerful, enthusiastic, and driven student dedicated to specific personal and education goals. Scholarships
Garney L. Darring and Wilhelmina Hill Scholarship Support a student dedicated to elementary education who demonstrates financial need. Scholarships
Executive Advisory Council Support Fund Join the EAC in supporting initiatives in the College of Business and contribute to a flourishing college. Program Support
Mathematics Department Scholarships Fuel the minds of JMU's brightest Math majors, encourage their research, and stretch their limits Scholarships
McDonald Bradley Scholarship for Leadership Award a CIS student who demonstrates outstanding leadership abilities in memory of James T. Bradley. Scholarships
Residence Life Student Leaders Award Reward an outstanding residence life student who goes above and beyond to create a welcoming and safe environment Program Support
Richmond Alumni Chapter Scholarship Support a student with high academic achievement and potential from Richmond, VA Scholarships
SMAD Advisory Council Scholarship Help fellow alumni grow this scholarship for students who tackle careers in journalism, film, video, media and more. Scholarships
Honors Hillcrest Scholarship Fund Grow these scholarships so outstanding sophomore honors students can fund an off-campus summer enrichment experience. Scholarships
Program Support
ISAT Student Projects Fund Enable seniors to undertake capstone projects that bring to bear sciences and technologies to solve real-world problems. Read More Program Support
Capital Markets Lab Fund Give students market knowledge and a taste of Wall Street on campus with the industry's elite financial databases. Program Support
Madison Forever Scholarship Fund Making the Madison Experience possible! Read More Scholarships
JMU Summer Art Program Fuel the creativity of young students as they work with art teachers to see, create, and understand artwork Program Support
Professional Advisory Council for Faculty Support Support SMAD faculty and help them launch students into the study of media, arts, design, and communication. Faculty Support
Undergraduate Research Support Endowment Support student capstone projects, conference attendance, independent research and other research endeavors. Research
Endowment Support
Taylor Foundation Scholarship Support students from Lancaster County, VA who demonstrate pressing financial need to attend or continue attending JMU Scholarships
Engineering Student Projects Fund Support hands-on student projects, the lifeblood of an engineering program that innovates solutions to human problems. Read More Program Support
Occupational Therapy Clinical Education Services Support students as they gain practical experience under the guidance of faculty and staff and serve local communities. Program Support
Fraternity and Sorority Life Programs Commit to providing programs and services that support and empower a nationally recognized community.
Orientation Office Support the Orientation Office in making JMU "home" for new first year and transfer students Program Support
Friends of the Arts Fund Become a patron of the rich and vibrant visual and performing arts programming at JMU. Program Support
SAIC Initiative Help students pursue activities within STEM relating to Information Analysis and Computer Sciences. Program Support
Dr. William W. Thomas Memorial Scholarship Support an upperclassman who demonstrates financial need and intends to enter seminary or divinity school. Scholarships
Noftsinger Scholarship Help grow the endowment and honor the indomitable spirit of John Noftsinger, who promoted JMU's public sphere standing. Scholarships
Program Support
Endowment Support
Accounting Faculty Development Fund Contribute to the research, teaching, and professional development of JMU's dedicated Accounting faculty Faculty Support
Program Support
Empowerment3 Fund Help support the activities of Empowerment3, formerly called I Can Do It, You Can Do It. Program Support
Music Library Help contribute to JMU's vast wealth of resources housed in the Music Library Program Support
University Park Develop recreational facilities and provide the JMU community with outdoor recreational spaces to meet diverse needs. Program Support
Liberal Arts Legacy Fund Help retain the liberal arts professors who open doors and transform student lives with their teaching and mentoring. Read More Program Support
JMU Lifelong Learning Institute Provide affordable, intellectual, and social experiences designed to enrich the lives of adults in the community. Program Support
IT Consulting Excellence Fund Support the preparation of IT consultants who can navigate a complicated marketplace for their future clients. Program Support
Sigma Kappa Sorority Support the Sigma Kappa Sorority Delta Rho Chapter as they fund a scholarship endowment Program Support
Charles Edwin Good Scholarship Support an outstanding graduate of Harrisonburg High School who is and incoming, full-time freshman at JMU. Scholarships
Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship Endowment Give to the endowment to provide the college with needed scholarships to support visual and performing arts students. Read More Scholarships
Program Support
Endowment Support
Honors Study Abroad Fund Help support deserving Honors Program undergraduates who want to expand their Madison Experience by studying abroad. Program Support
Endowment Support
TDI Cyber Security Program Support Fund Support the JMU Cyber Defense/Information Security program's travel, program upgrades, and experience for students Program Support
Chodrow Memorial Scholarship Honor Don Chodrow by helping to keep junior and senior physics majors on track to successful careers in the discipline. Read More Scholarships
Program Support
Endowment Support
College of Health and Behavioral Studies Fund Provide students and professors with the resources they need to become accomplished professionals in the health fields. Program Support
College of Integrated Science and Engineering Support the College of Integrated Science and Engineering programs that stress hands-on learning with uniquely talented faculty. Program Support
Capital One Information Security Faculty Scholar for Computer Information Systems Reward an engaged professor for their service to the university and dedication to students. Faculty Support
Professorship for Free Enterprise in the Gilliam Center Support faculty who teach Free Enterprise and Ethical Business Leadership in the College of Business. Faculty Support
Tree Terrace Waterfall Projects Honor Dr. Carrier and continue to add to the beauty of the arboretum. Program Support
Harrisonburg Alumni Chapter Scholarship Support a local rising freshman who demonstrates financial need and quality extracurricular experience or service. Scholarships
Annette Floyd May Scholarship for Choral Accompanist Support students who are choral accompanists and honor the memory of a piano accompanist and choral performer. Scholarships
Madison Vision Fund JMU supports the whole student. Help support the whole university. Read More Program Support
Roddy Amenta Memorial Scholarship Give undergraduate scholars the chance to study with dedicated environmental science professors like Roddy Amenta. Read More Scholarships
Michael L. Carrier Memorial Scholarship Help a deserving student pursue their passion by funding their undergraduate experience in the College of Business Scholarships
Michael Lavon Carrier Memorial Help a student in need offset the cost of pursuing their dreams through the College of Business. Endowment Support
Dux Center Support the Dux Center in providing students with the tools they need to become more effective leaders. Program Support
Ellen M. Murphy Scholarship Award a deserving junior or senior level student studying social work who demonstrates financial need. Scholarships
Madison Investment Fund Excellence Endowment Support the professional development of undergraduate students in the department of Finance in the College of Business. Endowment Support
Undergraduate Chemistry Research Fund Help chemistry majors conduct research and present their findings at national professional conferences. Read More Research
Dr. Ralph and Libby O. Cohen Technological Humanism Graduate Program Honor and recognize Libby Cohen's long-standing commitment to creative education. Program Support
CHBS Faculty Excellence Fund Support the faculty excellence it takes to develop classroom and hands-on education for tomorrow's healthcare providers. Faculty Support
Geology Field Course Support field courses vital to undergraduates' exposure to different geological sites. Program Support
JMI Startup Fund Help professors and students bring discoveries and inventions to market and power innovation at Madison. Read More Program Support
Daniel K. Havey Memorial Fund Honor a beloved JMU professor by contributing to the learning and research of chemistry and biochemistry students. Program Support
Hinshaw-Daniel Scholarship Enable an outstanding Honors Program freshman or sophomore to participate in transformational study abroad programs. Program Support
Violin Studio Encourage practice and help beautiful music flourish by providing for fully equipped violin studios. Program Support
CoB Experiential Learning Program Fund This fund supports educational activities during a week-long experiential learning trip and allows students to apply their course material. Program Support
Whitten Maher Memorial Scholarship Fund Honor the life of JMU alumnus Whitten Maher and provide scholarship funding for a student to pursue Writing & Graphic Design. Scholarships
John S. Hilliard Scholarship Honor internationally celebrated composer and musician and celebrate awe-inspiring music. Scholarships
Rodney J. Fallon Scholarship Support a student that demonstrates high moral character and interest in exciting, viable entrepreneurial opportunities. Scholarships
Transfer Student Scholarship Support a student continuing higher education after earning an associates degree from Virginia Community College. Scholarships
Judith A. Flohr Scholarship Assist a deserving student of the Exercise Science graduate student pursuing studies in women's health and fitness. Scholarships
International Affairs Program upport the understanding of foreign cultures and societies, the dynamics of world politics, and other worldviews. Program Support
Computer Science Student Projects Fund Enable computer science students to undertake hands-on projects and present their findings at research conferences. Read More Program Support
CISE Faculty Research Fund Help integrated science and engineering professors take on real-world research that inspires students to do the same. Read More Faculty Support
SGA 'Dukes for Service' Scholarship Endeavor This scholarship will provide funds for a student who has invested their time through community service in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Scholarships
Carl Swanson Scholarship Support graduate psychology counseling students who have an interest in substance abuse counseling or crisis counseling. Read More Scholarships
New Convocation Center Campaign Support the campaign for a new convocation center. The facility will showcase and build upon the economic vibrancy of the region. Read More Program Support
Campfield Scholarship Join Mr. and Mrs. Campfield in providing financial assistance for JMU students who attended A. R. Ware Elementary School or Thomas Dixon Elementary School in Staunton, VA. Read More Scholarships
Erica and Alley Moore Scholarship Reward a deserving student who demonstrates financial need in honors of Erica and Alley Moore. Scholarships
School of Strategic Leadership Studies Promote the development of innovative and effective nonprofit leaders with the skills to tackle real-world problems. Program Support
John T. Morello Scholarship Endeavor Support the activities and competitions of JMU's Debate Team and its talented student members. Scholarships
Madison Collaborative Help transform JMU into a community recognized for producing citizens who apply ethical reasoning to confront challenges. Program Support
JMUTeach Engage students in meaningful class experience by allowing them to propose, initiate, and facilitate their own classes. Program Support
CoB Learning Complex Support exceptional business education by realizing the new College of Business Learning Complex. Read More Program Support
Lawrence Cain Memorial Fund Support a deserving student studying Media Arts and Design and honor the memory of Lawrence Cain. Scholarships
Walter W. Jackson Memorial Scholarship Endeavor for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Honor Walter W. Jackson by supporting current brothers of APA and other under-represented students with financial need. Scholarships
Madison Endowment Make a difference across every facet of JMU. Read More Program Support
Williams* (Jack) Memorial Scholarship Scholarship fund created to honor the memory of Jack Merkel Williams. Scholarships
Center for Professional Sales Support the Center for Professional Sales in its mission to prepare students for successful careers in professional sales. Program Support
George West Scholarship Endeavor - School of Music Support a dedicated and talented member of the Jazz Ensemble and student in the School of Music. Scholarships
Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management Gifts are to be used at the discretion of the Director of The Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management. Program Support
JMU New Music for Young Musicians Composition Competition Encourage outstanding young composers to create music for young ensembles and connecting them to JMU in a meaningful way. Program Support
Adapted Sport Supporting sport opportunities for people with disabilities at the community and JMU level. Program Support
Posey * Scholarship Endowment Support a dedicated and talented member of JMUs beloved Marching Royal Dukes. Scholarships
JMU Washington Semester Program Fund Donations will support need-based scholarships for students seeking financial aid to participate in JMU Washington Semester. Scholarships
Program Support
Alison Bailey Parker ('12) Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Journalism Honor the beautiful memory of Alison Bailey Parker ('12) by supporting this scholarship for juniors and seniors in the School of Media Arts and Design's journalism program. Scholarships
Fuller Memorial Fund Established to receive memorial contributions honoring Sheridan Fuller. Endowment Support
Faculty Dependent Scholarship Endowment Endeavor Provides scholarships to children of our Faculty who give so much in creating an engaged learning environment. Read More Scholarships
Paul Cline Endowment Endeavor This fund will support activities that involve the student in experiential learning, such as conferences, participation in simulations, and internship assistance. Scholarships
Veteran and Military Affairs Engagement Support programs for veterans and military families' affairs including, but not limited to, research, teaching, and service activities. Program Support
Edith J. Carrier Arboretum Endowment Support the educational work of a wonder of nature in the heart of campus that has won numerous "best place" accolades. Endowment Support
Graduate Student Research and Innovation Fund This fund will support innovative graduate student research and creative activity that is an essential component of the educational experience of graduate students. Program Support
Graduate Student Professional Development Fund Provides graduate students with support for engaged learning experiences that are necessary for the development of professional skills that are fundamental to individuals earning graduate degrees. Program Support
Honoring Casey Carter - Valley Scholars Scholarship Fund Please support the Valley Scholars Scholarship Fund in honor of Casey Carter's retirement. Scholarships
Valley Scholars Scholarship Fund Support Valley Scholars, a partnership between JMU and local schools that mentors smart, economically disadvantaged 8th-graders and eventually results in them earning full-tuition scholarships. Better jobs. Better lives. A better Shenandoah Valley. Read More Scholarships
Steven Smith Legacy Scholarship Provides an annual scholarship to a student with a direct alumni legacy relationship and demonstrates financial need. Scholarships

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