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Founded in 1908, James Madison University is a public university located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. JMU is fast becoming one of the nation’s leading lights in higher education because students enjoy unusually engaged relationships with world-class faculty who are here because they want to pursue knowledge and make teaching their No. 1 priority.


Harrisonburg, Virginia

21,006 undergraduate students

1,752 graduate students

130+ programs of study

Public R2 Doctoral University

NCAA D-I Sun Belt Conference

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Most recommended public university in the U.S.

—Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Ed, 2019


Public National University

—U.S. News & World Report, 2024


Best College Campuses in America

—Niche.com, 2023



With more than 130 programs of study, there is plenty to explore. From day one to graduation, we are here to help you work harder than you have imagined, learn new things about the world and, perhaps most importantly, learn new things about yourself.


Student Life

Outside the classroom, students are given a world of opportunities to live their best life and form relationships that will last a lifetime.


Location is Everything

We know that happy minds thrive. And a beautiful setting with a supportive, active community fosters learning.

Being the Change

Success requires equal parts intellect and action. At JMU, that’s what Being the Change is all about. JMU graduates are far more than merely educated. Members of a fellowship of doers, they know how to make things happen. They’ve honed their ability to think critically. They’ve learned the importance of a strong work ethic and have become committed to and skilled at collaborating with others. Diplomas in hand, they leave campus determined to live lives of meaning and pursue careers of purpose.

Crafting the knowledge. Walking the walk. Seizing the day. Being the Change.

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President Madison

The brilliant James Madison saw how representative democracy depends on active and responsible participation. Our graduates carry that torch. So do we.

About James Madison

James Madison statue

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