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Title IX at JMU

Title IX seeks to reduce or eliminate barriers to educational opportunity caused by sex discrimination. 

Title IX Coordinator

Amy Sirocky-Meck, Director of the Title IX Office, serves as the university's Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Office treats all disclosures and reports of sexual misconduct with great care and confidentiality and without bias, pre-judgment, or stereotyping, while balancing the duty to provide for individual and campus safety.

Amy Sirocky-Meck
Madison Hall 4035
100 East Grace Street, MSC 7806
Harrisonburg, VA  22807
Title IX Office: (540) 568-5219


Incidents of Sex and Gender-based discrimination that are not sexual misconduct should be reported to the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Learn more about Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and oversight responsibilities of the U.S. Department of Education here.

Title IX Regulations (2020)

JMU Non-Discrimination Statement

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