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“Power” Dukes lead the way in commerce

A dozen Dukes are among the most influential leaders in Virginia.

Halftime on the Quad

You’ve made it halfway through the semester! To celebrate all you have achieved please join us at Halftime on the Quad.

NFL will gain new viewers by giving Amazon Prime exclusive Thursday nights

As Amazon Prime gets ready to broadcast the Dolphins and Bengals Thursday, it hopes to do so minus some of the technical difficulties that created some blurry moments in weeks past.

JMU supply chain team ships medical supplies to hospitals in Kyiv, Ukraine

A 40-foot ocean freight container of humanitarian aid is on its way to those affected by Russia’s war in Ukraine thanks to the James Madison University Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) Student Forum. 

PHOTOS: Building Global Community Here and Abroad

JMU International Week is a celebration of countries and cultures the world over. Participants focus on the commonalities that make all of us human.

Midterm elections: JMU experts can talk trust, candidates, religion and more

As the midterm elections rapidly approach, JMU has a number of faculty experts who can offer valuable insight and context to the process. 

JMU faculty with expertise in elections

The following faculty experts can provide commentary from a variety of angles on the midterm elections

Information from the JMU Police Department

James Madison University Police Department has received recent reports of suspicious people and incidents on or around campus. 

Board of Visitors summary of actions and discussions

The James Madison University Board of Visitors met Friday, September 16, 2022 in the Festival Conference and Student Center.

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