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  • University employees who have a duty to disclose to the Title IX Office all reports of sexual
    harassment that they receive within the course of their employment. All university employees
    (except Confidential Resources as defined in this policy) are Responsible Employees.

Confidential Resources are exempt from Responsible Employee reporting obligations. Confidential Resources include employees who provide or support the provision of counseling, advocacy, health, mental health, or sexual assault-related services to members of the university community who have experienced sexual misconduct.

This includes:

  • Victim advocates, mental health counselors, social workers, psychologists, health center employees,
  • Any other person with a professional license requiring confidentiality or an employee in the office who is supervised by such a person,
  • Affiliates who are pastoral or religious counselors, and
  • Undergraduate student employees, with the exception of Office of Residence Life staff.

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