Being the Change

Being the Change is not just a slogan, it’s a way of life at JMU. Anyone here will tell you that using one’s intellect, heart and action is what being a member of this community is all about.

Since adopting “Be the Change” in 2006, and updating it to “Being the Change” in 2018, JMU has told the story of why it is a unique and superior place by telling stories of its people. Explore this site and you will find no more compelling evidence of why and how JMU people are making our world more perfect.

Crafting the knowledge. Walking the walk. Seizing the day. Being the Change.


Learning by doing in the Dominican Republic

Twenty-nine JMU students took part in a service-learning project in the Dominican Republic over spring break. Led by Felix Wang, the trip was part of an Honors course called Global Citizenship in a Service-Learning Context. The experience was made accessible to first-generation and otherwise underrepresented students, whose travel costs were covered. Read more ►


Alumnus among first Peace Corps volunteers to serve overseas after pandemic

Tristan Kruse ('22) is currently serving as a business development advisor in Uganda. He conducts needs assessments for community groups and helps establish and improve Village Savings and Loan Associations. Read more ►

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