Grow the endowment that honors this professor and support an undergraduate integrated science and technology scholar. 

As the founding department head of the Integrated Science and Technology program, Dr. Richard Roberds was a critical figure in the conception of its collaborative, cutting-edge, and transdisciplinary structure. He helped create something at JMU that had never been done before and became a beloved leader among JMU’s ISAT community.

Fellow faculty members and students knew him as a dedicated administrator and visionary who worked tirelessly to support this innovative effort. He gave everything he had to the ISAT program, and left it having forever changed JMU’s science and technology landscape. It’s those kinds of leaders that JMU values as proponents of an engaged university experience.

Your gift to grow the Richard Roberds Scholarship honors the change he produced and the commitment he had to students and the program. But, it also sponsors students who, like Richard Roberds, go above and beyond to exceed expectations and raise the bar for those around them.

Together, we can support the next generation of students who want to pursue a career through Integrated Science and Technology and make their dreams come true.

That’s how the national model of the Engaged University operates. Your gift makes it possible.

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