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Shaping our future…

In today’s imperfect world, it takes more than test scores and the three Rs to make an educated child. It takes support for dedicated teachers who are academically prepared and expert in helping schoolchildren excel scholastically, personally and interpersonally.

Your gift to JMU’s nationally renowned and proven teacher education endeavor can transform the performance of our public schools because it produces those engaged and expert teachers.      

When you give, you support JMU’s demonstrated clinical approach to seeking and teaching best practices that suit real children and real classrooms, not idealized ones. You support JMU’s recognized legacy of expertise in each of the specific teacher content areas, a grounding in the liberal arts, faculty-student collaboration, multiple real-world practicum experiences for student-teachers, and strong and creative teaching-learning partnerships with school systems.
By giving to JMU's education programs, you support an engaged Madison vision that works. JMU’s teacher education graduates continue to be among the most highly recruited new teachers by today’s schools.

You can help transform our nation’s standard for preparing the best teachers and meaningfully educate America’s schoolchildren. Your gift makes it possible.

Fund Description
Bachelor of Individualized Study Help adults earn a bachelor degree that accommodates individual needs, schedules, and career goals
Early, Elementary and Reading Education Fund Help give young children the start they need by supporting the education of outstanding teachers at JMU.
Learning, Technology and Leadership Education Fund Support a program that prepares students needed in positions of learning and leadership throughout society.
Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education Fund Help prepare the middle, secondary and mathematics teachers who will educate the next generation of youth.
Military Science (ROTC) Fund Help the JMU Duke Battalion recruit, develop, train and commission agile and adaptive warrior-leaders.
Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Commit to educating future teachers of physical and health education to create a healthier generation
College of Education Fund Help the faculty prepare educators who aspire to meet the needs of a changing, pluralistic and democratic society. Read More
Department of Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities Help prepare educators and others who teach and serve individuals with exceptionalities and their families.
Young Children's Program Help JMU Education students get involved by leading quality learning programs for young children and their families.
Class of 1962 Scholarship Help the class of 1962 honor a exceptional and deserving student.
Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education Student Award Support greatness among JMU's best Adult Education and Human Resource Development students
Harrisonburg-Rockingham Economic Educator Annual Awards Fund Economic teaching awards for outstanding educators in the Rockingham and Harrisonburg community.
Hattie M. Strong Foundation Scholarship Support two students in their final year of undergraduate or graduate program leading to initial licensure in education.
Wilson-Elliott Education Scholarship in the College of Education Provide financial resources for students of VA and OH.
Jane Kruger D’Arcy (’55, ’67) Scholarship Honor the many contributions of Jane Kruger D’Arcy by supporting this scholarship for undergraduates pursuing a career in education.

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