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JMU HAS ALWAYS ATTRACTED STUDENTS who want to succeed personally while making the world a better place. Our stellar academic programs and internationally recognized faculty — known for making teaching their priority and relationships with students central — ensure that these dedicated individuals will flourish here. Yet without a robust program of scholarship support, JMU is losing many promising and deserving students to other universities where families get the scholarship support they need to make college affordable. With your help, however, students won’t have to sacrifice or settle for their second-choice university. Scholarships, fueled by donors like you, open our doors to more students, helping them unleash their full potential to prosper and improve the world around us.

JMU’S STAR HAS BEEN ASCENDING and is poised to soar onto the national stage — something that’s possible only with the broad participation of the JMU community. Like all leading universities, JMU must provide scholarships to attract America’s best and brightest. Our future depends on it. When you invest in scholarships at JMU, you increase our ability to enroll accomplished students with diverse perspectives and experiences, people with a high potential for improving the learning environment for everyone here. Your help means we can recruit these top prospects and include more people in the Madison Experience, which both benefits society and raises JMU’s national profile.

Fund Description
International Student Scholarship Promote diverse perspectives through scholarship support to worthy international JMU students with financial need.
Integrated Science and Technology Scholarships Support an exciting and evolving discipline that encourages problem solving and critical thinking for the 21st century
The William King Charitable Trust Scholarship Support students in the Ghana summer abroad program interested in studying Africa and Ghana in particular.
Music General Scholarship Foster the creative and scholarly development of JMU musicians, educators, historians and industry professionals.
Neckowitz Study Abroad Scholarship Support a high achieving student who demonstrates financial need and is participating in a study abroad program.
Presser Foundation Scholarship Encourage prestige of performance and recognize excellence in outstanding music majors.
Thomas E. and Sherry Woodroof Rogowski Scholarship Join alumni in supporting a deserving undergraduate student pursuing a degree in psychology.
SMAD General Scholarships Support a dynamic JMU major that teaches a fusion of media skills, technologies, and communication strategies
Hattie M. Strong Foundation Scholarship Support two students in their final year of undergraduate or graduate program leading to initial licensure in education.
Margaret Gordon Memorial Scholarship Award an undergraduate student for outstanding accomplishments in biology research and honor Margaret Gordon.
Class of 1946 Endowed Scholarship Reward a deserving, full-time JMU student who demonstrates financial need in honor of the class of 1946.
Alumni Class of 1952 Endowed Scholarship Support an incoming first-year who has strong credentials in academics, extra-curriculars, and community service.
Class of 1954 Scholarship Help the class of 1954 celebrate their reunion and gift a deserving student.
Class of 1955 Endowed Academic Scholarship Help make someone's Madison Experience brighter by supporting a student with financial need in pursuing their dreams.
Class of 1956 Scholarship Award a deserving, full-time, undergraduate student in good academic standing.
Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship Support an incoming first-year who has strong credentials in academics, extra-curriculars, and community service
Class of 1960 Endowed Academic Scholarship Support the Class of 1960 in providing financial aid and a more attainable Madison Experience to deserving students.
Class of 1961 Scholarship Award a deserving, full-time, undergraduate student in good academic standing.
Class of 1988 Scholarship Encourage high-achieving, engaged, and involved students to push their boundaries even further
Class of 1943 Scholarship Reward an incoming legacy student with strong academic, extracurricular, and community service qualifications.
Alexander B. Berry Jr./Linwood G. Parrish Memorial Endowed Scholarship Reward a business student with academic potential, demonstrated leadership skills, and financial need
Michael Matthew Brown Memorial Scholarship Established by Delta Sigma Pi, support an outstanding accounting student and honor Michael Matthew Brown
Benedict * Scholarship Endowment in Psychology This scholarship supports an outstanding senior-level psychology student interested in a career in higher education.
Craig M. Blass Memorial Scholarship Reward a high-achieving business student with the financial means to pursue new academic and career opportunities.
Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship Benefit deserving under-represented students entering the university as first-year students
Classified Employees' Student Scholarship Support a fund created by JMU's generous employees in this division
Gab Soon Choi Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Voice in the School of Music Help alleviate the cost of the Madison Experience and fund the dreams of a talented and deserving vocal student
Jonathan D. Davis ('81,'85) Scholarship Endowment Support a graduate student who is committed to suicide awareness or prevention through training, research, or practice
Luis De Souza Pinto '02 Memorial Scholarship Endowment for the Men's Rugby Football Club Support an international student with a desire to attend JMU and become involved in the Men's Rugby Football Club
Agness S. Dingledine Memorial Scholarship Honor a JMU icon by supporting high-achieving students who want to make a difference in the community and the world
Charles W. King Endowed Scholarship Fund Formally called the Administration and Finance Scholarship. This endowment provides need-based scholarships to children of employees.
Elizabeth and Melvin Eldridge Scholarship Honor a legacy of support and encouragement by helping a rising CoB senior with leadership and citizenship capabilities.
J. Barkley Rosser, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Provide scholarship support to a junior-level Economics major who has demonstrated high academic potential and rigor.
Catherine King Frazier Memorial Scholarship Support a promising new freshman geology major and honor a professor well known as an advocate for women in geology.
Robert Michael Harper Memorial Scholarship Honor an involved JMU alum by funding a deserving and dedicated member of Alpha Chi Rho at JMU
James J. Hart Memorial Scholarship Reward an outstanding Junior-level Psychology major with a commitment to improving the human condition
Matthew D. Horning Memorial Scholarship Honor a dedicated and beloved JMU student who perished in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center
Carrie Kutner Student Ambassador Scholarship Support a student who is not currently a student ambassador, but exhibits significant service and love for JMU.
The Ian Kincheleo Memorial Scholarship Honor and remember a special person and distinguished student scholar of the Beta Beta Beta Biology Honors Society.
Madison Business Scholarship Endowment Award outstanding undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need, moral character, and community involvement.
Madison History Alumni Scholarship Help history alumni make a difference and build connections in the lives of undergraduate history students at JMU
Malcolm G. Lane Scholarship Endowment Support an exceptional undergraduate junior or senior pursuing a degree in computer science.
Metro-Washington Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship Reward a Metro-Washington area student with high academic credentials and potential
Robin McKay Memorial Scholarship Reward a speech pathology student who has strong academic credentials and is a well-rounded member of the community.
Eileen S. Nelson Endowment for Psychology Scholarships Provide financial support for an outstanding psychology student.
Daniel J. Nardi '79 '86 & Alyce Umberger Nardi '79 Scholarship Endowment for the College of Science & Mathematics Support incoming students with high academic achievement and majoring within the College of Science and Mathematics.
One Day One University Scholarship For a rising senior in Digital Video and Cinema or Converged Media concentration.
Parents Council Endowment for Scholarships Help a deserving student that demonstrates financial need continue or start their college education
Philadelphia Area Alumni Chapter Scholarship Support first year students from the Philadelphia area.
JMU Leadership and Service Scholarship Shape aspiring leaders who have given service to campus or the local community.
Richmond Alumni Chapter Scholarship Awarded to students from the Richmond area showing a need for financial assistance and the potential for academic achievement.
SMAD Alumni Professional Advisory Council Scholarship Support SMAD students that show promise and commitment to their field.
Glenn Smith Memorial Scholarship Sponsor the academic growth of a deserving Computer Information Systems or Business Analytics student
Dwight M. Sours Memorial Scholarship Support the Adult Degree Program by sponsoring an excellent, hardworking student who is engaged in the community
Communication Sciences and Disorders Scholarship Support a CSD Double Duke through that first year of JMU Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology grad school.
Leann Whitlock Psychology Memorial Scholarship Support a Junior Psychology major from an underrepresented group whose talents and abilities enrich the JMU community
Witthoeft Family Scholarship Honor the Witthoefft family and support a student who demonstrates financial need.
Sara C. Yakovac Memorial Scholarship Fund Reward an Economics student who has demonstrated high academic achievement, leadership, and involvement at JMU.
Honors Hillcrest Scholarship Fund Grow these scholarships so outstanding sophomore honors students can fund an off-campus summer enrichment experience.
Harrisonburg Alumni Chapter Scholarship Support a local rising freshman who demonstrates financial need and quality extracurricular experience or service.
Annette Floyd May Scholarship for Choral Accompanist Support students who are choral accompanists and honor the memory of a piano accompanist and choral performer.
Michael L. Carrier Memorial Scholarship Help a deserving student pursue their passion by funding their undergraduate experience in the College of Business
Frank and Mary Rita Murphy Scholarship Award a deserving junior or senior level student studying social work who demonstrates financial need.
Hinshaw-Warren Scholarship Enable an outstanding Honors College freshman or sophomore to participate in transformational study abroad programs.
Whitten Maher Memorial Scholarship Fund Honor the life of JMU alumnus Whitten Maher and provide scholarship funding for a student to pursue Writing and Graphic Design.
John S. Hilliard Scholarship Honor internationally celebrated composer and musician and celebrate awe-inspiring music.
Rodney J. Fallon Scholarship Support a student that demonstrates high moral character and interest in exciting, viable entrepreneurial opportunities.
Transfer Student Scholarship Support a student continuing higher education after earning an associates degree from Virginia Community College.
Judith A. Flohr Scholarship Assist a deserving student of the Exercise Science graduate student pursuing studies in women's health and fitness.
Campfield Scholarship Join Mr. and Mrs. Campfield in providing financial assistance for JMU students who attended A. R. Ware Elementary School or Thomas Dixon Elementary School in Staunton, VA.
Erica and Alley Moore Scholarship Reward a deserving student who demonstrates financial need in honors of Erica and Alley Moore.
McKenzie Scholarship Endowment for Trombone Provide financial assistance to outstanding students in the trombone program.
AKA Lambda Chi Forever Scholarship Fund Support students who are active members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Chi Chapter or under-represented undergraduate students.
Williams* (Jack) Memorial Scholarship Scholarship fund created to honor the memory of Jack Merkel Williams.
George West Scholarship Endeavor - School of Music Support a dedicated and talented member of the Jazz Ensemble and student in the School of Music.
Brakke/Mason Endowment for Undergraduate Research in College of Science and Mathematics Support students of the College of Science and Mathematics
University Recreation Scholarship Endowment Support scholarships for UREC student employees.
Posey * Scholarship Endowment Support a dedicated and talented member of JMUs beloved Marching Royal Dukes.
Alison Bailey Parker ('12) Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Journalism Honor the beautiful memory of Alison Bailey Parker ('12) by supporting this scholarship for juniors and seniors in the School of Media Arts and Design's journalism program.
Honoring Casey Carter - Valley Scholars Scholarship Fund Please support the Valley Scholars Scholarship Fund in honor of Casey Carter's retirement.
Valley Scholars Scholarship Fund Support Valley Scholars, a partnership between JMU and local schools that mentors smart, economically disadvantaged 8th-graders and eventually results in them earning full-tuition scholarships. Better jobs. Better lives. A better Shenandoah Valley. Read More
W. Dean Cocking Scholarship Endowment for Summer Ecological Research in Graduate Biology Support an outstanding graduate student working with Biology faculty on ecological scientific research.
Diane Babral Scholarship Support senior nursing students pursuing Psychiatric Nursing.
Dolley Madison - Dukes Pay It Forward Scholarship The Dolley Madison-Dukes Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund was established in 2017 by a group of JMU Alumni as part of the Women for Madison initiative. The fund is an endowed scholarship and will support the vast need for scholarship funding at JMU. “Dukes Pay It Forward” is an important designation as any candidate who receives a scholarship award from this fund is encouraged to invest in a scholarship for a future Duke.
Linden Tree Trust Dukes Pay It Forward Support students in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need.
Centennial Scholarship Endowment Provide financial assistance and academic support to aid underrepresented students to pursue higher education.
Stephen G. ('80) and Nora N. ('82) Crouch Scholarship Endowment in the College of Business Support scholarships for underrepresented students in the College of Business.
Todd Perry ('92) Aspiring Analytics Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Computer Information Systems Provide assistance to a student enrolled in the College of Business minoring in analytics.
Little-McIntyre Endowed Vocal Scholarship in the College of Visual and Performing Arts Support scholarships for voice and piano students.
Wilson-Elliott Education Scholarship in the College of Education Provide financial resources for students of VA and OH.
Magnus H. Johnsson ('94) Scholarship Endowment in Political Science Support deserving students majoring in Political Science.
Colonel Sandra S. Whitt ('62), US Army, Retired Scholarship Endowment Provide scholarships for in-state students.
Arts and Letters Opportunity Fund Provide scholarships for academically qualified, under-represented students, first-generation students, and students of modest means.
Nielsen Builders, Inc. Scholarship Fund in the Department of Engineering Provide financial resources for Engineering students.
Ms. Patty Football Scholarship Endowment Provide scholarship support for football student athletes.
Advancing Intelligent Minds Support exemplary graduate students from groups that are underrepresented in the academic field in which the students study.
Stanley R. (’54) and Rosemary H. Jones STEM Scholarship Fund Support incoming honors students pursuing degrees in STEM.
Thomas Family Community Service Leadership Scholarship Endowment Support upperclassman with an interest in community service.
Jones Family Athletic Scholarship Endowment Support JMU's student athletes.
Mark-It Forward Scholarship Support the academic and career goals of deserving students pursuing a degree in Marketing
CISE Study Abroad Scholarship Endowment Support College of Integrated Science and Engineering students engaging in sustainability programs abroad.
Rusty ('83) and Teresa ('84) Hammond Academic Scholarship Fund Support upperclassman pursuing business or STEM fields.
Ophelia Parker Carraway Scholarship Endowment in the College of Health and Behavioral Studies Provide financial support for CHBS students volunteering in community family programs.
Walter W. Jackson, II Memorial Scholarship Endowment Honor the memory of Walter W. Jackson, II by providing financial support for two annual scholarships for active members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Xi Delta Chapter and under-represented undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need.
Dukes Pay it Forward Annual Scholarship Support essential scholarships, opening our doors to deserving students.
Management Scholarship Fund Provide scholarships for students majoring in Management.
Finance Pay It Forward Scholarship Endowment Provide scholarships for students majoring in Finance.
Charles C. ('72, '85) and Diane W. ('72) Wymer Scholarship The Charles C. ('72, '85) and Diane W. ('72) Wymer Scholarship Fund for Valley Scholars was established to support the University initiative designed to remove the financial barriers that might otherwise prevent promising students in the Shenandoah Valley with high financial need from attending college.
Tom Martin Scholarship Endowment Named in honor of Dr. Tom Martin, JMU Men’s Soccer Head Coach from 1986 to 2014 and a lecturer in the Hart School, this scholarship provides annual financial resources to a student(s) in good academic standing and majoring in Sport and Recreation Management.
School of Nursing Scholarship Fund Provide scholarships to students in the School of Nursing.
EY Excellence in Accounting Scholarship Support College of Business students pursuing a degree in the School of Accounting.
Bluestone Scholarship in the School of Communication Studies The Bluestone Scholarship is an annual merit based scholarship to support students' pursing a degree in Communication Studies.

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