Professor Tyechia Thompson discusses literal and figurative mapping with an Honors class

Continuing your journey…

Graduate studies have become increasingly more important to professional development and career advancement. JMU offers an array of quality graduate programs led by outstanding faculty who are excited about mentoring graduate study, learning experiences and internships, research and other scholarly or creative endeavors. Selecting the right graduate program will foster the development of knowledge and skills that will give students the competitive edge as they enter or continue their professional careers.


Your gift means more students have access to faculty and course work designed to help them become educated and enlightened citizens who lead lives that are productive and meaningful. That’s powerful. The Graduate School emphasizes the university’s commitment to addressing complex, real-world problems and contemporary issues and graduate students at JMU have the opportunity to take classes that are taught by engaged faculty who place a priority on teaching. It is the mission of The Graduate School to support, facilitate, and promote excellence in lifelong education through graduate programs of distinction, innovative outreach programs, and a diverse student body. Your gift makes that possible.

Fund Description
The Graduate School Fund Support students pursuing advanced degrees in JMU's superlative and innovative graduate programs of distinction.
Graduate Student Professional Development Fund Provides graduate students with support for engaged learning experiences that are necessary for the development of professional skills that are fundamental to individuals earning graduate degrees.
Advancing Intelligent Minds Support exemplary graduate students from groups that are underrepresented in the academic field in which the students study.
Occupational Therapy Program Support a well-rounded educational experience for students in the Occupational Therapy Program

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