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The world's a complicated place. And it takes more than a major to navigate it and live a rewarding life.

Your gift will ensure that Madison continues to provide students with the kinds of educational experiences that transcend a single academic program and go beyond the classroom.

Those opportunities for thoughtful, interdisciplinary and independent study are important at Madison and enable professors and students to address the problems and issues that affect society. Your gift will help fund the international, service-learning and extra-curricular experiences that enable students to acquire new perspectives on the world and their place in it.

When you give to JMU, you help support the collaborative projects and leadership activities that equip students to work together effectively in teams in the workplace and in their communities after they graduate. Employers say the collaborative ability of Madison graduates is remarkable.

A gift from you today means you are supporting a world-class faculty that loves to teach and mentor students; guide student scholarship, research and creative projects; and create new knowledge by conducting their own research.

At JMU, earning a college degree is about more than landing a good job. You'll be part of a university community that prepares educated and enlightened citizens who will lead productive and meaningful lives. Your gift makes it possible.

Fund Description
Edith J. Carrier Arboretum Fund Support the educational work of a wonder of nature in the heart of campus that has won numerous "best place" accolades.
Center for Faculty Innovation Fund Support the innovation of the JMU faculty in teaching, research, scholarly writing, service and student mentorship.
Cherry, Bekaert and Holland Faculty Fellowship Contribute to help a faculty member further his or her educational and professional duties.
Research and Scholarship Support faculty in funding the revision and development of cutting-edge academic programs in new and emerging areas.
Furious Flower Poetry Center Fund Preserve the power of the American literary experience by supporting the study of poetry and encouraging new talent.
General Education Fund Ensure that students receive that liberal arts grounding from one of the nation's leading General Education programs.
Honors College Fund Help create exceptional and compelling scholarly experiences for highly motivated students.
Library General Fund Support the JMU Libraries, where a century of students have sought knowledge, discipline and learning.
Global Nonviolence Center Fund Honor the icon who espoused Be the Change and create a just and better world by supporting the Mahatma Gandhi Center.
Center for International Stabilization and Recovery Improve lives and communities by supporting this organization that helps those affected by conflicts around the world.
Semester in Salamanca Send students to study in Salamanca, where they live with local families and acquire a genuinely local perspective.
Center for Global Engagement Give students the opportunity to live and study in a different culture and better understand themselves and others.
University Recreation Fund Help supplement and enhance the full spectrum of student activities and leadership opportunities involved with recreation and fitness.
EU Policy Studies Fund Support the only one of its kind, a study abroad master's political science program focused on the European Union.
International Student Scholarship Promote diverse perspectives through scholarship support to worthy international JMU students with financial need.
Semester in London Fund Enable students to participate in Semester in London, which is almost 40, making it JMU's oldest Study Abroad program.
Semester in Florence Fund Send students to this jewel of world culture and immerse them in the arts, sciences, politics and humanities.
Semester in Antwerp Fund Support the international business perspective with an immersion experience in Antwerp in the heart of Europe.
Library Endowment Fund Support the behind-the-scenes, 24/7 work of the libraries, which results in student success and information literacy.
Peggy Brooks Burruss Library Endowment Help grow the endowment that helps JMU preserve and restore historic materials documenting Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.
Charles W. King Endowed Scholarship Fund Formally called the Administration and Finance Scholarship. This endowment provides need-based scholarships to children of employees.
Honors Hillcrest Scholarship Fund Grow these scholarships so outstanding sophomore honors students can fund an off-campus summer enrichment experience.
Honors Study Abroad Fund Help support deserving Honors College undergraduates who want to expand their Madison Experience by studying abroad.
JMI Startup Fund Help professors and students bring discoveries and inventions to market and power innovation at Madison. Read More
Transfer Student Scholarship Support a student continuing higher education after earning an associates degree from Virginia Community College.
Atlantic Union Bank Center Campaign Support the campaign for the Atlantic Union Bank Center. The facility will showcase and build upon the economic vibrancy of the region. Read More
Ethical Reasoning in Action Help transform JMU into a community recognized for producing citizens who apply ethical reasoning to confront challenges.
University Recreation Scholarship Endowment Support scholarships for UREC student employees.
Valley Scholars Scholarship Fund Support Valley Scholars, a partnership between JMU and local schools that mentors smart, economically disadvantaged 8th-graders and eventually results in them earning full-tuition scholarships. Better jobs. Better lives. A better Shenandoah Valley. Read More
William C. Kyle Arboretum Fund A memorial fund established to receive charitable contributions in memory of William C. Kyle. Funds will be used to support a space for connection and conversation in the Edith J. Carrier Arboretum.

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