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Solving tomorrow's problems...

There are a lot of problems in the world. An aging infrastructure. Alzheimer's disease. Antibiotic resistance. Autism. Deforestation. Intelligence crises. Killer pathogens. Species loss. Unsustainable energy sources. Vulnerable computer networks. Scientific ignorance.

The STEM fields will play a critical role in solving all of them—and more—but only if we view problems like these as opportunities to make a difference.

Your gift today to will ensure that JMU’s world-class STEM faculty continues to start students off in research as early as their freshman or sophomore years and enable them to get their hands on instruments in our well-equipped labs — something most schools don’t let them do until graduate school. At the same time, our students are getting the strong liberal arts foundation that will provide societal context for the decisions they will be making as future STEM leaders.

Your gift to one of the funds listed here will help ensure that JMU professors get to teach and mentor the future Madison STEM graduates who will engage with the world and solve its problems.

That’s how the national model of the engaged university will lead us all into a brighter future. Your gift makes it possible.

Fund Description
Biology Research Projects Give students access to scientific equipment and supplies to launch them into investigative and collaborative research.
Biology Visiting Speakers Fund Enrich biology education and expose faculty and students to scientists and research outside JMU
Chemistry Fund Help ensure new faculty success and give chemistry students the chance to work one on one with research mentors. Read More
CSM Student Research and Travel Fund Help offset the research and travel expenses for JMU undergraduates who present at regional and national conferences. Read More
Faculty and Student Summer Research in Biology Support the Smith-Crabtree student-faculty team research fund, encouraging professor-student collaboration in biological research
Geology and Environmental Science Fund Help geology majors to conduct vital fieldwork and present their research findings at national professional conferences. Read More
John C. Wells Planetarium Fund Untether young intellects from their earth-bound perspectives. Open their eyes to the vast possibilities of their future. Read More
Math and Statistics Fund Give math and statistics majors the chance to undergo scientific peer review at national professional conferences. Read More
Physics Fund Help give youth an early start and give physics majors the benefits of the premier undergraduate physics program in the nation. Read More
College of Science and Mathematics Fund Help support the expert and engaged faculty members at the heart of Madison's distinguished science and math programs. Read More
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Help expand and encourage one of the most in-demand fields in the current workforce and support JMU's role in it
Donna S Amenta Chemistry Award Honor a remarkable professor and support a deserving student interested in the investigation of chemistry
Norlyn L. Bodkin Scholarship Support a deserving biology student conducting field studies for the arboretum and botanical field.
Margaret Gordon Memorial Scholarship Award an undergraduate student for outstanding accomplishments in biology research and honor Margaret Gordon.
Trelawny Undergraduate Research Endowment Give biology undergraduate researchers the real-world perspective scientists need in today's discovery marketplace. Read More
Biology Fund Help provide research stipends that make summer an intense, scholarly experience in the lab for more students. Read More
Liberty Casali Scholarship Honor a pioneer and grow a scholarship that will enable more undergraduates to become innovators in chemistry. Read More
Doherty Geology Student Research Endowment Support student research and honor the legacy of geology and environmental science major and researcher Allison Doherty. Read More
Catherine King Frazier Memorial Scholarship Support a promising new freshman geology major and honor a professor well known as an advocate for women in geology.
Bob Gordon Physics Scholarship Support the Gordon Scholarship for top freshmen and help make physics the premier undergraduate program in the nation. Read More
The Ian Kincheleo Memorial Scholarship Honor and remember a special person and distinguished student scholar of the Beta Beta Beta Biology Honors Society.
Daniel J. Nardi '79 '86 & Alyce Umberger Nardi '79 Scholarship Endowment for the College of Science & Mathematics Support incoming students with high academic achievement and majoring within the College of Science and Mathematics.
Palocsay Scholarship Support an outstanding undergraduate researcher in chemistry and honor the life's work of professor Frank Palocsay. Read More
Cullen Sherwood Scholarship Enable outstanding geology majors to study with engaged and expert Madison faculty mentors like Cullen Sherwood. Read More
Chodrow Memorial Scholarship Honor Don Chodrow by helping to keep junior and senior physics majors on track to successful careers in the discipline. Read More
Roddy Amenta Memorial Scholarship Give undergraduate scholars the chance to study with dedicated environmental science professors like Roddy Amenta. Read More
Undergraduate Chemistry Research Fund Help chemistry majors conduct research and present their findings at national professional conferences. Read More
Daniel K. Havey Memorial Fund Honor a beloved JMU professor by contributing to the learning and research of chemistry and biochemistry students.
Brakke/Mason Endowment for Undergraduate Research in College of Science and Mathematics Support students of the College of Science and Mathematics
W. Dean Cocking Scholarship Endowment for Summer Ecological Research in Graduate Biology Support an outstanding graduate student working with Biology faculty on ecological scientific research.
Stanley R. (’54) and Rosemary H. Jones STEM Scholarship Fund Support incoming honors students pursuing degrees in STEM.

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