Help support the expert and engaged faculty members at the heart of Madison’s distinguished science and math programs.

There’s one world-class reason JMU science and math students get the expert instruction and the intense hands-on research experiences that offer the real-world relevance so important today.

Madison’s science and math faculty.

Your gift to the College of Science and Mathematics will support professors who are leaders in their fields, but who also love to teach and mentor undergraduates and their research. Those faculty-student relationships are what alumni consistently report as the heart of the Madison Experience.

That’s not all. When you give to the college, you support faculty members whose research and service address the important issues that affect society. Like Acid rain. Alzheimer's. Antibiotic resistance. Autism. Deforestation. Dengue fever. Invasive species. Killer pathogens. Landslides. Malaria. Species loss. Stroke. Toxic emissions. This approach produces the engaged curriculum that is more important than ever in this day and age.

So support and recognition for a dedicated science faculty means a lot. The college uses your gifts to offer stipends, awards and travel to research conferences, often for professors whose work has garnered national and international attention.

Your gift will acknowledge just how much the college’s distinctive and distinguished academic reputation relies on the excellence of our science and math faculty and recognize and reward them for what they do.

Together, by combining our vision and talents in the College of Science and Mathematics, we can ensure that Madison students get the engaged and inspired teaching and mentorship that will boost America's culture of innovation and discovery and solve the real-world problems that face society.

That’s how the national model of the Engaged University operates. Your gift makes it possible.

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