Support IIHHS, improve lives in the Valley

Gifts to the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services support programs that make a visible difference in the Shenandoah Valley. From recent health and human services efforts such as juvenile justice reform, innovations to bolster school success for immigrant youth, responses to families facing caregiving challenges related to aging and dementia, and healthcare for the homeless through a mobile suitcase clinic, IIHHS makes a difference for vulnerable populations in the Shenandoah Valley.

By supporting IIHHS, you allow students and faculty to accomplish goals in collaboration with one or more of 28 clinical services and community outreach programs housed in the institute. The resulting projects are student-centered and produce results that are as beneficial to students as they are for the community.

Currently, the institute plans to extend the IIHHS pre-K literacy programs from Harrisonburg and Page County into Shenandoah County.  JMU students are heavily involved in this work. Funds to grow this program capacity are high on the institute’s wish list.

The fund is managed carefully, drawing on the judgment of an Institute Steering Committee that has faculty and program representatives from all across the university.  For additional information visit the IIHHS website or contact Dr. Linda Plitt Donaldson (

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