Singular solutions almost never wholly solve the problems that people face. So integrated science and technology students don’t study in traditional ways.

They address issues and solve problems. Like energy or the environment or knowledge, for instance. That’s their curriculum.

Your gift to the Department of Integrated Science and Technology enables seniors to undertake capstone projects that bring to bear a broad range of sciences and technologies and solve real-world problems.

By giving to the department, you encourage innovation and help students fully consider the technical issues and ensure that their solutions will be embraced by society.

With their capstone projects, ISAT students have:

  • designed and built a wireless, remote-controlled lawnmower for people with disabilities
  • designed a harvesting strategy for algae-based biofuels, transforming a problem into a solution
  • analyzed the relationship between Beaver Creek Reservoir Water Quality and Starr Hill Brewery Product Quality
  • designed, implemented and analyzed a variety of biochar applications for real-world and real-time use
  • analyzed the impact of stream restoration techniques
  • designed and prototyped fiber reinforced composite skis
  • developed an affordable, working solar cooker for Third World nations
  • developed and marketed a tanning lotion
  • developed a flat-plate solar thermal collector to heat farm structures
  • designed and tested an ocean thermal energy conversion prototype system
  • investigated environmental and social issues at the Managua City dump

With your gift to underwrite the costs of these innovative projects, both the student and society benefit.

Together, by combining our talents and vision in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology, we can produce Madison graduates who will continue to address problems and innovate solutions for issues that affect society.

That’s how the national model of the Engaged University operates. Your gift makes it possible.

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