JMU faculty members make all the difference

'I teach so that I can help people do things that they never thought they could do. To make the impossible, possible. And with the kind of students we have at JMU, that happens every day.' - Bob Kolvoord

At many universities, undergraduates get lost in the shuffle. Not at JMU. Our professors are passionate about our students. They're at the front of the class teaching, not passing the buck off to graduate assistants. They involve undergraduates in their research. Take them to conferences and on visits with government officials and lawmakers. Encourage them to change the world.

We believe that the best professors in the world teach at JMU. If you believe as we do, please make a contribution to keep them here.

Your gift will help:

  • Recruit and retain high-quality faculty,
  • Maintain our 16:1 student-to-faculty ratio,
  • Provide competitive salaries, other compensation and professional development compared to peer institutions,
  • Double the number of faculty holding Teaching Excellence Fellowships, named chairs and professorships by 2020, and
  • Continue to align faculty hiring, professional development, recognition and rewards with the university’s mission and vision.

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