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Enable computer science students to undertake hands-on projects and present their findings at research conferences.

Help Computer Science students take innovation into their own hands. Your gift encourages students to take initiative, make discoveries based on their interests, present research results or do field work, and engages them more deeply in problems and solutions that could change the world 

At an engaged university, coursework is only the starting point for academic discovery. Funding student projects means you are a part of student transformation, hands-on and self-guided learning, and applying knowledge to problems in the real world.

Your support could help a student create the next big mobile application, develop a more thorough understanding of cyber attacks through digital forensics, or expand their knowledge of cutting-edge robotics. That’s where coursework meets application, and where understanding finds innovation.  It’s what we call engaged learning.

Dr. Bob Kolvoord, Dean of the College of Integrated Science and Engineering, asserts that the benefits of funded student projects extends beyond the research. “Students have to write a proposal to earn these grants and learn to manage their project and funding,” he said. “Financial support will help students materially, but also establish a process by which students learn these other important skills.”

That’s how the national model of the Engaged University operates. Your gift makes it possible.

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