Support an integrated science and technology undergraduate while honoring the distinguished professor and leader.

Dr. Maurice Wolla was an Integrated Science and Technology professor dedicated to the success of the program and its students from the very start. Dr. Wolla worked tirelessly to help kickstart a program that promotes collaborative and transdisciplinary learning. From the ground up, he helped to establish the high standards with which JMU’s ISAT program is regarded.

Faculty members and students who worked with Dr. Wolla remember the late nights and weekends he spent working with students. Professors like Dr. Wolla embody the ideals of engaged learning. He worked closely with students at all levels to ensure that they had high-impact learning experiences, understood the discipline outside of the classroom, and that they could look to him for leadership and guidance. He envisioned and worked collaboratively with other professors. And, he was a beloved member of the ISAT community.

Your gift to grow the Maurice Wolla Scholarship honors the dedication he had to his students, to the discipline, and to deep learning. And, it also sponsors a student whose demonstrated achievement would be even further nurtured by working with educators like Maurice Wolla.

Together, we can support the next generation of students who want to pursue a career through the Integrated Science and Technology and make their dreams come true.

That’s how the national model of the Engaged University operates. Your gift makes it possible.

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