Help integrated science and engineering professors connect students to real-world research.

In the College of Integrated Science and Engineering, faculty members work across units to solve problems collaboratively. They think beyond disciplines and departments to invent create solutions and catalyze innovation by working hand-in-hand with students. 

Your gift to grow the CISE Faculty Research Fund helps to continue this model. “Our graduates are being propelled into leadership positions very early in their careers,” said Dr. Bob Kolvoord, Dean of the College of Integrated Science and Engineering. “Our pedagogy is really opening doors for them.” This boost comes from the faculty, directly to JMU’s students.

At JMU, CISE faculty members foster students’ ability to solve real-world problems, regardless of a specific disciplinary niche. The combination of problem-solving skills paired with JMU’s liberal education is very powerful. And it’s offering our students a much broader range of job opportunities when they graduate from JMU.

Your gift to grow the CISE Faculty Research Fund is a step toward continued projects such as:

  • Developing bikes to be used by disabled individuals
  • Bringing sustainable clean water supplies to communities in developing countries
  • Creating renewable energy from algae and other sources to reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • Improving electric motorcycle batteries
  • Designing sensors on microchips to identify weapons of mass destruction or pollutants
  • Securing computers from hackers
  • Creating culturally appropriate video games 

“We have faculty guiding students on cutting-edge projects,” Dr. Kolvoord explained. “CISE biotechnologists are looking for a cure to dry eye syndrome. Environmental scientists aretrying to understand the fish kill we’ve had in Waynesboro. Computer science experts are creating novel mobile applications. Engineers are designing low-impact buildings that have a very small carbon footprint.”

Your contribution facilitates faculty members working across units to solve problems. It gives professors the resources needed to work closely with students. It provides funding needed to purchase cutting-edge equipment and software that prepares students for the workforce, but also anticipates what has not even been invented yet. It allows faculty and students to travel for interaction with collaborators or presenting results of research. It enables our talented faculty and students to compete against other universities in science and technology competitions.

It starts with your support. Help CISE bridge the gap between theory and practice. Your gift makes it possible.

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