Contact Info

(540) 568-2785

Mailing Address

JMU College of Business
421 Bluestone Dr.
MSC 207
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Office Hours and Location

The College of Business is located in the Learning Complex in the Lakeside area of campus (get directions). 

Regular office hours are Mon. to Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking information is located here.

Dean's Office Faculty
Mike Busing

Dr. Michael E. Busing

Dean; Betty Coe ('64) & Paul J. Cinquegrana Endowed Chair in Business Ethics & Leadership

Molly Brown

Ms. Molly G. Brown

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs; Lecturer, Accounting

Kim Foreman - 2021

Ms. Kimberley A. Foreman

Associate Dean for Human Resources and Administration

Scott Gallagher - 2019

Dr. Scott R. Gallagher

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Professor, Business Management and International Business

Dean's Office Staff
Sam Collier

Ms. Samantha Collier

Director, Office of Professional Development and Engagement

Carrie Wood - 2021

Ms. Carolyn Wood

Director, Office of Marketing and Communications

Alvaro Arce Garcia

Mr. Alvaro Arce Garcia

Technology Assistant

Carrie Chang - 2021

Ms. Carrie Chang

Creative Content Specialist

Brooke Chao - 2021

Ms. J. Brooke Chao

Digital Content Specialist, Office of Marketing and Communications

David Doremus - 2021

Mr. David Doremus

Content Specialist

Brooke Goolsby

Ms. Brooke Goolsby

Assistant to the Dean and Special Events Planner, Dean's Office

Kelly Harman

Ms. Kelly Harman

Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office

Kristen Herring - 2021

Mrs. Kristen L. Herring

Building Coordinator, Dean's Office

Dave Jones - 2019

Mr. David H. Jones

Lecturer, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics; Technology Coordinator

Erica Kann - 2021

Ms. Erica Kann

Administrative Support Staff, Undergraduate Programs and Professional Development

Jessica Nickels - 2021

Ms. Jess Nickels

Project Manager

Judy Onestak - 2021

Ms. Judy Onestak

Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office

Katrina Spickler - 2019

Ms. Katrina Spickler

Fiscal Operations, Dean’s Office

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