Perhaps you made money as a kid by mowing lawns, pet-sitting, providing childcare, selling homemade cupcakes or performing music for the neighbors. Maybe you like to build things from scratch. Maybe you relish competition and rise to a challenge.

Entrepreneurs often see the world differently and pursue opportunities using the resources at hand. They pursue their dreams with passion and determination. They value opportunities to learn, connect and achieve. They dream big and give generously.

The Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship is a space where ideas become reality, and it might just be the place where you feel most at home. Housed inside the Major ICCE Lab at the College of Business, we help all JMU students, regardless of major or class year, connect their vision for a business or nonprofit venture with the steps necessary to bring it to life. 

Find expertise or pursue seed funding. Work with faculty, mentors and like-minded peers to test your assumptions, research markets and build professional networks. Any JMU student may take part in the GCFE, a community where learning thrives through engagement with mentor- entrepreneurs who are changing the world.

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