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Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows act as representatives of the GCFE across campus to spread the
entrepreneurial mindset to students in their respective colleges.

Students are encouraged to reach out to their EFF to explore their idea and what GCFE opportunities are
available to them. The goal is to bring more students, from diverse backgrounds and fields of study, into
the entrepreneurial ecosystem to foster innovation and new venture development.

Faculty Fellows

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Name Department Email
Christopher Bachman CISE
Sarah MacDonald SPCE
Fariss Mousa COB
Jamie Calcagno-Roach JMU Libraries
Nara Yoon SSLS
Dymph de Wild Art, Design and Art History
Gregg Henriques CHBS
Ja'La Wourman CAL
Parama Chaudhuri COE
Jai Girard Hart School
Laura Taalman CSM

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