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Senior Lecturer, Business Management
Contact Info

Teaching & Research Interests
  • Communication
  • Global Management
  • Leadership
  • Managing Across Cultures 
  • M.B.A. - Virginia Tech
  • B.A. - George Mason University
Positions Held
  • COB 300 Coordinator
  • International executive managing businesses in 40 countries around the world
  • Member of the United States Chamber of Commerce International Policy Committee, Washington, D.C.
  • Vice President of International Time Life (Time Warner Inc).
  • Vice President of Production and Business Affairs, Time Life Music
Select Publications

Pargas F., Eliason R. & Yankey M. (2019). E.S. Patanwala Afghan Beauty Products, Mumbai, India. Journal of Business Case Studies.

Eliason, R., Pargas. F., Yankey M. (2015). The Lucky Dragon 幸运的龙– Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China, Journal of Business Case Studies, 12(1):29.

Pargas F. (2014).  Ending The Male Leadership Myth: How Women Can Save Us From Destroying Ourselves. (Book).

Leduc L., Pattie M., Pargas F. & Eliason R. (2014). Self-monitoring as an aggregate construct: Relationships with personality and values. Personality and Individual Differences, 58:3-8.

Lewis J., Ritchie W., Pargas F.  Yankey, M. (2013). The Fanciest Dive. Journal of Business Case Studies, 9(4):283.



Awards and Recognitions
  • Dean's Impact Award

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