By engaging in research and professional projects, our faculty stay up to date with the latest developments and best practices in their disciplines. They incorporate their expertise in the classroom to help students develop the professional skills that will make them competitive in graduate school or in the job market. Take a look at some of our faculty members’ most recent accomplishments:

Dr. Charles Bailey
Charles Bailey

School of accounting professor Charles Bailey has published a co-authored piece of scholarship in the journal Advances in Management Accounting. Titled “Performance-based pay, performance monitoring, and dishonest behavior: The plot thickens,” the research examines the joint effects of two environmental variables—performance-based pay and performance monitoring—on behavioral dishonesty in a setting where the controls subsequently are absent. Along with Nicholas Fessler from University of Texas at Tyler and Brian Laird from Arkansas State University, Bailey finds that by “jointly examining the effects of worker contracts and workplace monitoring on dishonesty, this research extends the understanding of the potential consequences of formal controls.” Delve further into the article attached for insights.

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Dr. Janna Parker
Janna Parker posing outside Zane Showker - 2017

Professor Janna Parker conducted research about blurring the lines between work life and personal life on social media, that was published in the Journal of Business Research.

Employee awareness of the social media policy within their workplace, the role of offensiveness in the perceived fairness of the termination and whether work-related posts and the existence of the policy influenced the perception of the termination and if it was fair were all examined.

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Dr. Paul Copley
Paul Copley

Congratulations to professor of accounting Paul Copley, who recently co-authored a piece published May 2019 inThe CPA Journal. Titled “Using Ratio Analysis to Manage Not-for-Profit Organizations,” it notes that since “not-for-profit organizations exist for purposes other than earning a return for equity investors, measures commonly used to evaluate commercial enterprises are not well suited for evaluating them,” and proposes a solution. The article was written with Michael Dugan from Augusta University in Georgia, and Kaitlin Cashwell, a grants and planning manager for America’s Warrior Partnership Inc., also in Augusta.

Dr. Marshall Pattie
Marshall Pattie

Congratulations to Marshall Pattie for coordinating and leading the effort towards getting our HR curriculum officially recognized by theSociety for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as aligning with their education standards! In addition to the national recognition, this has a nice benefit for our students as it means they can waive the two-year work experience requirement that is normally required prior to taking SHRM’s professional certification exam.

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Dr. Barkley Rosser
Barkley Rosser

According to Intelligent Economist (IE), ECONOSPEAK, a blog led by Barkley Rosser, is among the top 100 economics blogs for 2019. The list features a broad range of quality blogs in practically every economic discipline. Candidates for the list were chosen based on the quality of their posts, not on their specific school of thought, political belief system or mainstream popularity. Topics range from finance, healthcare economics or environmental economics and blogs focus on microeconomics, macroeconomics and the economics of specific geographical regions. IE praised ECONOSPEAK for its “analysis of daily news from an economic perspective.”

Dr. Amy Connolly

Amy ConnollyCIS professor Amy Connolly was awarded Reviewer of the Year 2018 for the journal The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, which is considered an “A” level publication by the JMU CIS faculty. This award is given to the reviewer with outstanding service to the journal. In the six years that she has reviewed for The Data Base, she has completed 20 assignments and represented 13 manuscripts.

New Research on Texting and Driving

Kelly Naletelich Marketing professor Kelly Naletelich has another publication to add to her CV, as “Driving down danger: Using regulatory focus and elaborative approach to reduce intentions to text & drive” was selected to appear in the Journal of Business Research. The paper, co-authored with Seth Ketron of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and Nancy Spears of the University of North Texas, examines various types of advertisements in relation to preventative messaging aimed at deterring texting and driving. The researched demonstrated the importance of tailoring the advertisements in specific ways to better persuade against the behavior.

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Dr. Laura LeDuc

Laura LeducManagement professor Laura Leduc had the honor of being invited to publish a co-authored paper in the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior. Written with Murray R. Barrick from Texas A&M and titled “Selection for Fit,” the article “is framed around explaining how and why people who are well matched to their organization experience optimal psychological reactions and performance.”

Dr. Bill Grant

Bill GrantProfessor of economics Bill Grant was recently featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education in an article about JMU X-Labs. The extensive story takes a deep dive into the innovative program of teaching and learning built around the concept of ‘design thinking’ that happens there. 

Grant’s course was a substantial part of a 14-page article in the chronicle.

Dr. Bill Richie

Bill RitchieProfessor of management Bill Ritchie has teamed up with JMU sustainability analyst Avery Smith and JMU sustainability coordinator Mike Dalmolin to solve a mystery. Three years ago, weekend bus ridership in Harrisonburg had dropped, and the Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation (HDPT) had no idea why. Ritchie took data provided by Smith and Dalmolin to his supply chain classes, and using a geographic information system (GIS), developed and presented HDPT with optimized bus routing information that would be more in sync with students’ transportation needs. 

The project process and results found publication on, the web presence of the Environmental Systems Research Institute, an international supplier of GIS software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications.

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Dr. Sandra Cereola

Sandy CereolaAssociate professor of accounting Dr. Sandra Cereola has been appointed as an Atlantic Coast Region Advocate to the Beta Alpha Psi Board of Directors. Cereola has been a JMU chapter advisor of the honor organization for financial information students and professionals for over 15 years, and joins six other new appointees. Beta Alpha Psi Executive Director Margaret Fiorentino welcomed them by saying “We are very excited about all of the new incoming officers and the knowledge and experience they will bring to our organization.”

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