Supporting JMU’s designation as an “R-2” national university, the college faculty engage in research and professional projects to stay up to date with the latest developments and best practices in their disciplines. They share their expertise in the classroom to help students develop the skills needed in the job market. Take a look at some of our faculty members’ most recent accomplishments:

Carl Ullrich

Carl UllrichAssociate Professor of Finance and Business Law Carl Ullrich had a paper, "The reliability pricing model and coal-fired generators in PJM," accepted for publication in Energy Economics.

In their paper Carl and his co-authors show that the effects of environmental regulations show up in market prices -- specifically, in the Reliability Pricing Model (RPM) of the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland (PJM) wholesale electricity market.

Over the past 20 years, there has been a significant decline in the number of coal-fired generators in the United States. Lower natural gas prices, increased environmental regulations, and newer, more efficient generators have all been cited as reasons for this decline.

Angela M. Smith

angela-smith-23-200x200.jpgAngela M. Smith, associate professor of Economics, is this year's Madison Scholar. Angela describes her work as falling almost exclusively within the realm of experimental economics -- a field of inquiry that nevertheless affords her great flexibility in terms of the topics and situations which can be explored. She says that one of the most common themes of her experimentation consists of efforts to identify situations in which behavior deviates from theoretical predictions and to develop explanations for the observed deviations.

Tim Ozcan

tim-ozcan-200x200.jpgTim Ozcan, associate professor of Marketing, recently had a paper published by the Journal of Business Research. In it he reported that consumers who achieve numerically round subgoals perceive a higher chance of accomplishing their superordinate goals compared to those who achieve numerically non-round subgoals.

Several different methods were employed to demonstrate this effect, including the presentation of preliminary evidence from a large secondary dataset, as well as a field experiment, a simulated game task and numerous controlled experiments. Read more here. 

Fariss Mousa and Scott Gallagher

Professor of Business Management Fariss Mousa and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Scott Gallagher had their paper, “Managing conflicting agendas: serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the IPO process,” published in the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.

Through their research they found that despite seasoned entrepreneurs having more experience, it takes them longer to reach the IPO stage. Research suggests that serial entrepreneurs hinder the efforts of venture capitalists to increase the value of the firm’s IPO. 

Find a free, downloadable version of their paper here.

Angela M. Smith

angela-smith-23-200x200.jpgAssociate Professor of Economics and co-author of “An Experimental Analysis of Risk Effects in Attacker-Defender Games,” Angela M. Smith, had her paper selected as the runner-up for the 2023 Georgescu-Roegen Prize.

Amy Connolly and Leigh Mutchler

Amy Connolly, associate professor of Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics, and Leigh Mutchler, an assistant professor in the same academic unit, received an honorable mention for "Best Paper of 2022” from the Journal of Information Systems Education for their paper, "Teaching Tip: Socio-Cultural Learning to Increase Student Engagement in Introduction to Management Information Systems (MIS)." Recognition of the paper came in early November at the Information Systems & Computing Academic Professionals conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In the paper, they present a system of class activities which they developed using the principles of socio-cultural learning. It is intended for use by faculty who teach the dynamic concepts commonly found in an "Introduction to MIS" course.

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