Ali Shahzad


Associate Professor, Management
Year Started at JMU: 2011
Contact Info

  • Ph. D. (Strategic Management), University of Oklahoma
  • B.S. (Electrical Engineering), University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
Professional Interests
  • Corporate Social Performance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Applied Econometrics
Personal Interests
  • Technology
  • Movies
  • Health
  • Fitness
Current Courses Taught
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Management
Positions Held
  • August 2017-present: Associate Professor, College of Business, James Madison University
  • August 2011-2017: Assistant Professor, College of Business, James Madison University
  • 2007-2010: Research Assistant, College of Business & Entrepreneurship, University of Oklahoma
  • 1999-2007: Information Technology Consultant (IBM Global Systems, IBM Federal)
Key Publications

Shahzad, A. M. & Sharfman, M. P. (2017). "Corporate Social Performance and Financial Performance: Sample Selection Issues". Business & Society, 56(6): 889-918.

Shahzad, A. M., Mousa, F. T., & Sharfman, M. P. (2016). "The implications of slack heterogeneity for the slack-resources and corporate social performance relationship". Journal of Business Research, 69(12): 5964-5971.

Shahzad A. M. Rutherford, M. A. & Sharfman, M. P. (2016). "Stakeholder-Centric Governance and Corporate Social Performance: A Cross-National Study". Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Management. 23(2), 100-112.

Shahzad, A. M., Rutherford, M. A., & Sharfman, M. P. (2016). "In Good Times but Not in Bad: The Role of Managerial Discretion in Moderating the Stakeholder Management and Financial Performance Relationship". Business & Society Review, 121(4): 497-528.

Shahzad, A. M., Wales, W. J., Sharfman, M. P., & Stein, C. M. (2016). "Casting a wider performance net: The role of entrepreneurial orientation in boosting overall firm stakeholder value". Journal of Management & Organization, 22(02): 272-290.

Bartkoski, N. N. & Shahzad, A. M. (Forthcoming). T"he Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Strategic Corporate Social Performance". Social Business.

Busenitz, L., Plummer, L., Klotz, A. Shahzad A. M., and Rhoads, K. (2014) "Entrepreneurship Research (1985-2009) and the Emergence of Opportunities". Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice. 38(5), 981-1000

Parks-Leduc, L., Rutherford, M. A., Becker, K. L., & Shahzad, A. M. (2017). "The Professionalization of Human Resource Management: Examining Undergraduate Curricula and the Influence of Professional Organizations". Journal of Management Education.

Ritchie, W. J., Young, G., Shahzad, A. M., Kolodinsky, R. W., & Melnyk, S. A. (2015). "The influence of plural organizational forms on beliefs and outcomes related to new product adoption". Management Decision, 53(7): 1619-1641.

Ritchie, W., Williamson, D., Ni, J., Shahzad, A., & Young, G. (2015). "Eastern Truss Company: the technology adoption decision". The CASE Journal, 11(3): 346-362.

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