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Recent Scholarly Output

through August 11, 2021

Bailey, C. D., Cheng, C., Daily, C. M., & Phillips Jr., T. J. (2021). Comparison of the Dispositional Need for Closure Scale and the Hurtt Professional Skepticism Scale. Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research17(1), 30–64. Available in EBSCOhost’s Business Source Complete.

Fink, J. D., & Fink, K. E. (2021). The RISK that households take: A behavioral variable worth watching. Journal of Financial Planning.

In press – not final

Freeman, R. E., Dmytriyev, S. D., & Phillips, R. A. (2021 – in press). Stakeholder theory and the resource-based view of the firm. Journal of Management.

Larson, B. E., Ezell, J. D., & Cegielski, C. G. (2021). From personal to professional: impacts of trust in information systems and analytics. International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing4(1), 29-52.

Larsson, C. F., Marshall, B., & Ritchie, B. (2021 – accepted in June). The alumni project: Fostering student-alumni engagement in the curriculum. Journal of Education for Business, 1-8.

Lee, C. K., Wiklund, J., Amezcua, A., Bae, T. J., & Palubinskas, A. (2021 – in press). Business failure and institutions in entrepreneurship: a systematic review and research agenda. Small Business Economics, 1-27.

Parks-Leduc, L., Guay, R.P. & Mulligan, L.M. (2021 – accepted in June). The relationships between personal values, justifications, and academic cheating for business vs. non-business students. Journal of Academic Ethics.

Vaziri, S., Vaziri, B., Novoa, L. J., & Torabi, E. (2021 – in press). Academic motivation in introductory business analytics courses: A Bayesian approach. INFORMS Transactions on Education, 1-9. ).

*Bibliography based on 2021-22 citations for final versions of articles in Scopus (a database that allows has an author affiliation field), and Google Scholar alerts. Therefore, it should not be considered an exhaustive list.

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