David Shonk - 2019


Professor and SRM Program Director, Hart School
Year Started at JMU: 2007
Contact Info
Website: http://shonkdj.weebly.com/

  • Ph.D.  Sport & Exercise Management, The Ohio State University
  • M.A.  Not-for-Profit Management, University of Maryland University College
  • B.A. Management, Virginia Tech
Professional Interests
  • Service Quality, Services Marketing
  • Interorganizational Relationships
  • Business Strategy in Sport
  • Sport Tourism
Personal Interests
  • Traveling with family
  • Coaching youth sports
Current Courses Taught
  • KIN 655: Research Methods in Sport & Recreation
  • SRM 435: Sport Promotion & Sales
  • SRM 333: Management of Sport & Recreation
  • SRM 482: Internship in SRM
  • SRM 282: Practicum in SRM
  • Sport Management Education Journal, Editorial Board Member & Book Review Editor
  • International Journal of Human Movement Science, Editorial Board Member
  • North American Society for Sport Management, Executive Council, Member-at-Large (2011-2013)
  • SportsEvents Magazine, Contributor
  • Harrisonburg-Rockingham Sports Commission (HRSC), Executive Director 
  • Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee Volunteer (January 2013)
  • Sport Industry Networking Conference, Faculty Representative 
  • SRM Practicum and Internship Coordinator
  • Honors Program Liaison for SHSRM
  • JMU Faculty Senate Representative for SHSRM
  • JMU Academic Policies Committee
  • Faith Community Church, Leadership Team
Key Publications

Shonk, D.J., Bravo, G. (2019), "Sport Mega-Event complexity and reputation: Development of a model," accepted for publishing in the International Journal of Hospitality and Event Management, 2(2) 155-172.  

Park, S., Won, D. and Shonk, D.J. (2019), "A meta-analysis of gender differences in volunteers motivations: sport vs. non-sport events," International Journal of Sustainable Society, 11(3), 186201.

Shonk, D.J., Bosley, A.T. (2014), Chapter 8: Marketing, "Ticketing and Sports Promotion," in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration, Weight, E., & Zullo, R. (Eds)., Human Kinetics

Greenwell, T.C., Danzy-Bussell, L.A., Shonk, D.J. (2013). "Managing Sport Events," Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. 

Bravo, G. A., Won, D., Shonk, D. J. (2012), "Entry-level employment in intercollegiate athletic departments: Non-readily observables and readily observable attributes of job candidates," Journal of Sport Administration & Supervision 4(1), 63-78. 

Shonk, D.J, Greenwell, T.C., Bravo, G., Won, D. (2012), "Site selection, satisfaction and intent to return: Perceptions of right holders of small-scale sporting events," Journal of Convention & Event Tourism, 13(1). 

Bravo, G., Won, D., Shonk, D.J. (2012), "The psychological contract in sport," Handbook of Sport Management, L. Robinson, P.  Chelladurai, G. Bodet, and P. Downward (Eds.). 193-213.

Shonk, D. J. (2011), "Atmospherics, Service Quality-SERVQUAL, Promotion, National Association of Sports Commissions, Event Logistics, Baltimore Orioles," Managing, Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing, L.E. Swayne and G.J. Golson (eds.), Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage 

Shonk, D. J., Lee, C. (2011), "Managing service quality in international sport," International Sport Management, M. Li, E. Macintosh & G. Bravo (Eds.), Morgantown, WV: Human Kinetics.

Shonk, D.J.,Bravo, G. (2010), "Interorganizational Support and Commitment: A Framework for Sporting Event Networks," Journal of Sport Management24(3) 272-290. 

Other Publications

Joshua R. Pate, Dr. David J. Shonk (2015), "An experiential learning trip: Exploring student experiences and motivations for volunteering at the Super Bowl," Sport Management Education Journal.

David J. Shonk, T. Christopher Greenwell, Leigh Ann Danzey-Bussell (2013), Managing Sport Events, Human Kinetics Publishers.

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