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While you are at JMU, you’ll have many opportunities to apply the concepts you’re learning in the classroom to real-world scenarios. Our office offers you a wide range of activities that promote interdisciplinary learning, career exploration, leadership, cultural awareness, professional etiquette and networking skills. Through our programs, you can build your business acumen by collaborating with employers, alumni and community partners outside of the traditional academic setting.

The Hart School has a team of dedicated advisors in the Center for Academic and Professional Success to provide students with a streamlined support system. Industry-specific in-person and virtual Career Fairs are held in the Fall and the Spring each year. Students can attend 30-minute group sessions with employers along with 1:1 sessions to connect individually with recruiters from the hospitality industry.


Programs and Events

It’s important to make a great first impression when networking with industry professionals. For this reason, we require business attire for:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Site Visits
  • Class Presentations
  • Conference attendance
  • Career Fairs
Professional Development and Engagement Coordinator

Hart School students can apply for the Student Professional Development Grant for funding to attend conferences and events. 

Internship and practicum opportunities can provide valuable work experience.

The Hart School Career Fairs provide an opportunity each fall and spring for students to network directly with employers. Students can attend 30-minute group sessions with employers along with one-on-one sessions to connect individually with recruiters.

Steps for Career Success
Freshman Year
  • Explore majors
  • Complete self assessments
  • Attend department workshops
  • Build rapport with faculty
  • Establish excellent GPA
  • Join a student organization
  • Consider study abroad program
  • Practice professional etiquette
Sophomore Year
  • Identify skills and values
  • Attend career related events
  • Apply for internship/externship
  • Build resume and references
  • Research employers
  • Consider a minor or technical skill
  • Activate Handshake account
  • Gain career related experience
Junior Year
  • Apply for an internship
  • Practice mock interviews
  • Develop job search strategy
  • Develop technical skills
  • Attend externship fair
  • Brand online presence (LinkedIn)
  • Seek leadership roles
 Senior Year
  • Apply for full-time employment
  • Use on-campus recruiting
  • Follow up on job leads
  • Connect with Alumni Relations
  • Negotiate salary
Sport and Recreation Management

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