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There are many ways to engage with the Hart School, but they all have one common thread—the direct connection with students and the chance to draw on your career experience to add dimension to their classroom learning. From one-on-one mentoring to guest speaking or hosting a visit to your workplace, you can find a way to engage that fits your schedule and leverages your expertise.

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Connect with students while contributing a valuable component to their education. You can share your career journey, business success and industry insights with them in a classroom, at a student organization meeting, or at a college-wide event. The Hart School is host to eight student organizations of which many welcome guest speakers to share advice and wisdom about their industry.

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Whether you are looking for career-ready students who hit the ground running, stay committed and excel at teamwork, or highly skilled interns from a specific degree field or academic interest, you can reach out to JMU’s University Career Center for your personnel recruitment needs.

The Hart School also offers hospitality, sport and recreation-specific career fairs where you can meet and engage with students in well-attended and upbeat marquee events held each spring and fall.

If you have already given of your time and experience to the school and are looking for further involvement, you might seek consideration for an advisory board membership. Developing tomorrow’s leaders requires real-world insight from the organizations that hire them, and the council plays a vital role in ensuring our graduates are prepared for the needs of today’s rapidly evolving world.

If you would like to make a financial investment in the future of our students, our faculty or our school, visit our list of Hart School donation funds.

A headshot of Josh Marshall.“The Hart School does an amazing job of not only preparing their students to find success upon entering the industry, but also bringing those career and internship opportunities right to the students. From networking events and professional organizations; to in-class visits from employers, and hands on career advice; I never would have known to look for my first opportunity with Ecolab if it weren’t for The Hart School. The curriculum provided me with the necessary tools to hit the ground running, as well as cross-industry experience to know exactly what I wanted to do coming out of school.”

     -Josh Marshall ('16 HM), Corporate Account Manager

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