Within FOCUS you can complete self-assessment tests on:

  • Career Planning Readiness
    • Career and educational goals
    • Academic strengths
    • Work experiences and accomplishments
    • Career planning status
    • Personal development needs
  • Personal Characteristics
    • Interests
    • Values
    • Personality
    • Skills
    • Leisure interest preferences
Career Information

Within FOCUS you can also:

  • Compare careers
  • Look up salary and job outlook information
  • See the pros and cons of different careers based on your likes and dislikes
  • Explore common careers for certain majors
  • Save your results for future reference
Getting Started with FOCUS

Step 1: Create an account and begin exploring the system

Each user must first register to create an account where your information will be stored. You only need to create the account one time. Visit the registration page and click "Register". Enter your information and use dukes as the access code. You can use that same link to the registration page the next time you want to login.


Step 2: Use what you learn to evaluate your options

FOCUS offers the option of compiling a portfolio of your results when you are finished. This may be enough information to make a decision, or you may be interested in discussing your results further.

Interpreting Your Results

Career Advisors in University Career Center are available for individual appointments to help you make major and career decisions based on the work that you've done in FOCUS.

Call University Career Center at 540-568-6555 or go online to schedule an appointment.

Bring your FOCUS printouts with you so we can help you interpret what the results mean for you!

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