Recent graduates (2 years after graduation)

All recent graduates have access to all of the services and programs that the University Career Center provides to current students - up to 2 years after their graduation dates. This includes appointments with career advisors, attending Career Fairs and career workshops, using Career Tools and other resources and advice on the UCC website.

In other words, we welcome recent graduates to take full advantage of all resources and tools listed under the "Student Resources" page.

Also, please learn more about Alumni Handshake access.

Alumni (2+ years after graduation)

JMU alumni (who graduated more than 2 years ago) may use the University Career Center's online resources, such as: 

Appointments and on-campus recruiting activities are not available beyond two years post-graduation because the UCC staff are focused on working with current students and recent graduates.

Also, please learn more about Alumni Handshake access.

Career Resources Offered by JMU Alumni Association's Madison Network

The JMU Alumni Association offers career and networking resources, including:

  • Webinar SeriesAlumni professionals, career coaches, and other experts provide career advice and professional guidance. Topics range from finding a career you love, to entrepreneurship and getting hired on LinkedIn.
  • Career ResourcesFrom LinkedIn to Continuing Education, we’ve got you covered for resources to enhance your career or simply stay professionally connected to fellow your fellow Dukes. 
  • JMU Alumni LinkedIn groups:

Career Counseling Professionals

Alumni may contact a career counselor or coach who has the training and expertise to assist established professionals with their job search, career changes, and professional development needs.

To identify career counselors or coaches around the country, use the National Career Development Association’s Find a Counselor website. Local resources in Harrisonburg, Virginia are the Harrisonburg Career Coaching and Career View.

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