Handshake is James Madison University’s official online career services management platform that provides JMU students access to internships, full-time jobs, career fairs, workshops, information sessions, research employers, and more. Handshake is the number 1 way college students find internships and entry-level jobs!

Did you know: Activating and updating your Handshake account is one of the 5 simple ways to be #CareerReady!

Career Guide © to JMU Majors

The Career Guide to JMU Majors provides a sampling of career options for each of the majors offered at JMU. The Career Guide also provides major specific information on internship opportunities, characteristics of successful students, and websites for further exploration of potential careers.

Did you know: Connecting classes to career ideas is one of the 5 simple ways to be #CareerReady!

FOCUS (also called FOCUS 2 CAREER)

With FOCUS (also called FOCUS 2 CAREER), you can take self-assessment tests, compare careers, look up salary and job outlook information, see the pros and cons of different careers based on your likes and dislikes, explore common careers for certain majors, and save your results for future reference. We recommend you schedule an appointment with an academic or career advisor to help make meaning of your results.


GoinGlobal is an online resource with a wealth of information about working in specific cities in the U.S. and Canada, including job search databases, job fairs, cost of living, job prospects and industry trends, and even cultural advice. It also provides information for those interested in working overseas, and those with special H1B visa considerations who are seeking employment in the U.S.

Big Interview

All JMU students and alumni can use Big Interview to conduct free, online practice interviews with a webcam. With Big Interview, you will have access to frequently asked interview questions, you can choose your own questions, or select a prepared interview. You can record yourself responding to each question, retry, and review the final product to improve your performance.

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