Graduates with this degree will be employed in professional sport organizations, semi-professional sport organizations, collegiate athletics, sport marketing agencies, sport broadcasting venues, facility management in both sport and recreation, community recreation agencies, commercial recreation agencies, theme parks, military recreation as well as hotels, resorts and other hospitality and entertainment venues.

Job titles of graduates of the program include:
  • Fitness/Health Club Manager
  • Sportscaster
  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Sports Agent
  • Athletic Coach
  • Athletic Director
  • Sports Event Coordinator
  • Media Relations Specialist
  • Sports Information Specialist
  • YMCA Youth Leader
  • Recreation Professional
  • Sports Marketing Specialist
  • Community Center Director
  • Corporate Fitness Leader
  • Director of Stadium Operations
  • Director of Ticket Operations
  • Professional Sports Scout
  • Promotion Director
  • Youth Programs Director
  • Campus Recreation Director
  • Athletic Contract Manager
  • Sports Camp Director
Past Internship and Career Placements include:
  • Amateur Sport Organizations (AAU, Little League)
  • Broadcasting (ESPN)
  • Professional Sport Franchises (Washington Redskins, Fredrick Keys)
  • Campus Recreation Programs (UREC)
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Programs (JMU Athletics)
  • Interscholastic Sports (High School Athletics Director)
  • Nonprofit Sport and Recreation Organizations (YMCA, Special Olympics)
  • Parks and Recreations Departments (Harrisonburg Parks and Rec)
  • Sport Agencies (IMG, Octagon)
  • Sports Commissions (Greater Washington Sports Alliance)
  • Sport Conferences (ACC, CAA)
  • Sport Governing Bodies (NCAA, IOC, USA Swimming)

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