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At the Hart School, you won’t just gather in classrooms to analyze and discuss things you’ve read in a textbook. You’ll learn by doing. By engaging in powerful, impactful educational experiences outside a traditional classroom setting, you will apply what you have learned to gain knowledge, build lifelong friendships, engage with alumni and mentors, cultivate your personal growth and much more.

Our dynamic experiential offerings are a hallmark of the Hart School student experience. Although they change to accommodate the new circumstances and needs of the community each semester, each year your campus can be across the United States or even around the world.

Study Abroad | Internships | Field Experience | Research Experience for Undergraduates

Study Abroad

For many students, the time spent studying abroad is one of the most significant periods in their academic studies. Long afterward they continue to discover that the immersive experience of another culture pays dividends throughout their lives as they navigate new social and global career environments.

Sports and Recreation Management is a growing industry worldwide. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to gain cross-cultural skills and see SRM within a different culture. Through the Center for Global Engagement, you’ll be able to take advantage of specific SRM international programs in places including Australia and Paris, France.


The required practicum and internship are opportunities to gain valuable work experience that are built into your degree in SRM. You begin with a 90 hour practicum as part of the SRM 282 course, and complete a 400 hour summer internship in SRM 482, during which you may only enroll in one other course, a three or four credit hour class that must be approved in advance by the site supervisor and the director of SRM. Combined, these experiences give you a valuable edge in the job market right from the starting gate.

Among your study abroad options is an SRM specific trip to Australia that includes an internship.

Learn more about internships and practicums.

Field Experience

Your Hart School education takes you beyond the classroom and gives you the chance to experience learning through action. Whether it is our annual trip to work at the NCAA Final Four, acting as a one-on-one mentor for members of the Ability Olympics or networking with executives at D.C. United, every semester brings new destinations and new chances to learn from experts - and by doing. Here are just two of the many trips our SRM students undertook recently: 

Research Experience for Undergrads

As a future sports and recreation leader, you’ll need to know how to gather and analyze data to help make the best possible decisions for your organization. Our Research Experience for Undergraduates program will help you learn the process of conducting independent research in the business disciplines. 

As an undergraduate research assistant, you’ll make valuable connections with JMU faculty as you collaborate on research topics of mutual interest, learning a wide range of research skills such as reviewing literature, developing surveys, collecting and cleaning data, and analyzing results. These experiences may also give you a competitive edge in applying for graduate school.

What our students say...

"The knowledge and mentorship that I received from the first-class faculty and staff assisted in shaping the professional that I am today. Additionally, the hands-on experiences that I was exposed to helped to prepare me for my career."

Amanda (Cramer) Allshouse '11
Specialist, Global Partnerships, National Basketball Association

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