Drop in Hours with our Career Liaison, Carolyn Smith
Mondays 3-5pm


Steps for Career Success
Freshman Year
  • Explore majors
  • Complete self assessments
  • Attend department workshops
  • Build rapport with faculty
  • Establish excellent GPA
  • Join a student organization
  • Consider study abroad program
  • Practice professional etiquette
Sophomore Year
  • Identify skills and values
  • Attend career related events
  • Apply for internship/externship
  • Build resume and references
  • Research employers
  • Consider a minor or technical skill
  • Activate Handshake account
  • Gain career related experience
Junior Year
  • Apply for an internship
  • Practice mock interviews
  • Develop job search strategy
  • Develop technical skills
  • Attend externship fair
  • Brand online presence (LinkedIn)
  • Seek leadership roles
 Senior Year
  • Apply for full-time employment
  • Use on-campus recruiting
  • Follow up on job leads
  • Connect with Alumni Relations
  • Negotiate salary

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