JMU Campus Operators manage the telephone switchboard to route, receive and place calls to all JMU locations.  Disseminates information to callers.  They use the electronic JMU Campus Directory as their main source of information. 

Please note: It is the responsibility of the individual to make any department, name and/or telephone number changes through the MyMadison Portal.  It is the responsibility of Human Resource to add new employees through the “On Board” process and remove separated employees through the “Exit Clearance” process.  

Who can use this Service?

Directory Assistance is available to anyone with an internet connection by accessing www.jmu.edu/directory/

How can I get this Service?

Directory assistance can be obtained by calling the numbers listed below:

  • Campus Telephone Operator
    • On-campus: Dial 0
    • Off-campus: Dial 540.568.6211
  • For On-campus Local Information (Requires student Telecom PIN) 
    • Dial 9 + 411
    • Cost is $2.49 per call
  • For On-campus Long Distance Information (Requires student Telecom PIN)
    • Dial 9 + 1 + (Area Code) + 555.1212
    • Cost is $2.49 per call
Where can I get Help/Support?

Contact Campus Telephone Operator

  • On-campus: Dial 0
  • Off-campus: Dial 540.568.6211

How do I get to the valley?  Is there a train or bus?  Nearest airport?   
Visit www.jmu.edu  and click on the “Visit” link at the top of the page, and then “Traveling  to and from JMU” or www.jmu.edu/admissions/visit/transportation.shtml

Where do I pay my child’s tuition?
Contact the University Business Office www.jmu.edu/ubo  (540) 568-6505

I have a hold on my account.  Who do I need to talk to? 
Contact the University Business Office www.jmu.edu/ubo (540) 568-6505

I did not get a 1098T form so that I can do my child’s taxes. 
Contact the University Business Office www.jmu.edu/ubo (540) 568-6505

I can’t access My Madison. 
Contact the JMU Information Technology Help Desk https://www.jmu.edu/computing/helpdesk/selfhelp/mymadisonlogin.shtml   (540) 568-3555

I have questions about graduation, who do I talk to?
Contact the Office of University Events https://www.jmu.edu/commencement/  (540) 568-7787

I need a transcript. What office is that?
Registrar’s Office https://www.jmu.edu/registrar/  (540) 568-6281

What are the JMU academic majors?
Visit www.jmu.edu Click on Academics link at top of the page or https://www.jmu.edu/academics/

Who do I contact to schedule a JMU tour?
Admissions, www.jmu.edu  Click on Admissions at top of page, on Admissions page, click on Visit (to the left), and then Schedule a Visit or https://www.jmu.edu/admissions/visit/schedule.shtml  (540) 568-5681

Who is the president of JMU?
Jonathan Alger. For more information, visit https://www.jmu.edu/president/president-jonathan-alger/alger-bio.shtml

My child is sick and needs to be home for an extended time.  Who do I need to contact about this? 
Dean of Students, Josh Bacon, baconjj@jmu.edu  (540) 568-6468

I need to change my residence hall room. 
Contact the Office of Residence Life https://www.jmu.edu/orl/index.shtml (540) 568-4663

I need my health records from when I was a student there.  Who has those? 
University Health Center https://www.jmu.edu/healthcenter/ (540) 568-6178

How do I send a package/flowers to my child? 
We receive packages from all types of carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc…  When shipping with these companies, the street address (800 S. Main Street) will need to be used as well as the box number.  Once the package is processed, a slip will be placed in the recipients mailbox, as well as an email sent for notification.  - See more at: https://www.jmu.edu/mailservices/mailservices.shtml (540) 568-7869

I need to put money on my student’s account.  What department is that?
Card Services https://www.jmu.edu/cardctr/ (540) 568-6446

How do I apply to your university?
Admissions www.jmu.edu Click on Admissions link at top of page or www.jmu.edu/admissions (540) 568-5681

When do classes begin? ( usually about fall classes) 

Is the university open today?  (inclement winter weather) 
Posted on www.jmu.edu or an email or text will be sent if MyMadison is set to receive notifications.    Inclement Weather Hotline: (540) 433-5300

Do I need a Parking Pass to park on campus? 
Visitor’s Passes https://www.jmu.edu/parking/  email address: parkingservices@jmu.edu  (540) 568-3300

I just received a phone call from this number. 
The operator number (540) 568-6211 is the default number that will show up on your phone when you receive a call from someone on campus. 

Where do I call to get sports tickets?    
Sports Events: https://www.jmusports.com/  Click on Tickets link at top of page (540) 568-3853    Forbes Center:  https://www.jmu.edu/forbescenter/index.shtml  Click on Tickets link at top of page (540) 568-7000  

Office Call-In Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Office Walk-In Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday
1021 S. Main Street, MSC 5732

Telecom Office Phone:
(540) 568-6471

Telecom Office Email: 

Campus Operator: 
(540) 568-6211

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