JMU departments who have a need for cable television services for their staff’s training and educational needs have over eighty channels to accommodate both on campus and off campus locations.  These packages including Italian, Spanish and French stations as well as government access, local and national news and weather, travel  and food channels, sports networks, and the JMU video network of SMAD, to name a few.

JMU Telecommunications provides cable television for students in each residence hall room and lounge area have over eighty channels available.

Who can use this Service?

JMU Departments: Available to all Departments but requires VP Approval.

Students: University Cable Television is available to all students in each residence hall room and lounge areas.

How can I get this Service?

JMU Departments: Cable Television Services can only be obtained through the Telecommunications Department. Email your request along with your VP approval to telecom@jmu.edu

Students: Cable Services are automatically available in each room of the residence halls. For streaming services, see Apogee ResNet for instructions on setting up Stream2.

Where can I get Help/Support?

For assistance, please call us at (540) 568-6471 or send email to telecom@jmu.edu.


How do I Connect my Cable Service?
Students must bring a standard coax cable with f-connector to hook up your tv (25’ or longer) and be sure the television has a digital QAM tuner.

  1. Connect the TV to the cable wall jack using a coaxial cable. If the TV has more than one input jack, select the one labeled “CABLE” or “CATV.”
  2. Plug the TV power cord into the electrical outlet and turn the TV power on.
  3. CHANNEL AUTOSCAN must be performed after connecting your TV to the new digital cable service (see below for instructions).

How do I program my Channel Autoscan?
Note: The instructions below are generic in nature and are meant to serve only as guidelines. Refer to your TV owner's manual for specific instructions.

  • Configure your TV to receive CABLE or CATV signals by finding the MENU or SETUP button on your cable TV remote.
  • Locate the CHANNEL or AUTOPROGRAM option and select AUTOSCAN.
  • After “scanning” through channels, your TV should now receive all available on-campus channels. 

What Channels will I receive?
We provide two channel line-ups, one for on-campus and one for off campus. 

Office Call-In Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Office Walk-In Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday
1021 S. Main Street, MSC 5732

Telecom Office Phone:
(540) 568-6471

Telecom Office Email: 

Campus Operator: 
(540) 568-6211

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