The Assessment & Testing Center, located in the basement of Harper Allen-Lee Hall, is an assessment lab used solely for computer-based testing and assessment. Students can drop in for assessment testing during scheduled hours. Faculty members can also reserve the lab for group testing.

All tests are monitored by trained student assistants. Rules are enforced to maintain a consistent testing environment and uphold the JMU Honor Code. Attendance is tracked and all students who enter the lab must log both time in and out. Faculty members can also send rosters and request updates on which students have taken specific tests.

The lab is equipped with 97 computer workstations separated by wooden carrels. An elevator is also available to access the facility. Students needing special accommodations should send requests to testingcenter@jmu.edu

Who can use this Service?

JMU faculty and students

How can I get this Service?

Walk-In Testing:

Reservations can be handled on either a walk-in or appointment basis. For walk-in testing, faculty can submit class rosters, test instructions, and available testing dates and we'll handle the rest! Students can arrive during normal operating hours and tests will be administered and proctored. Faculty can receive roster updates upon request and be notified of students who have not yet taken an assessment. This method eliminates the need to use class time for testing.

Class Reservation Testing:

Faculty can reserve  group seating to administer tests as a class during normal lab operating hours. This guarantees a number of seats to accommodate a class. Note: multiple classes may be seated adjacent to each other. Walk-In testing may be in progress for other tests, but will be conducted on the other side of the room away from class testing. Reservations can be made for up to 80 seats.

A faculty member or department representative should be present to proctor Class Reservation Testing. Staffing is available if additional proctors are needed.

Special Reservations:

Special Reservations can be made to provide testing outside of normal lab hours. To discuss options, email the testingcenter@jmu.edu.


What do I do if I need special accommodations?
Students registered with the Office of Disability Services have the option to complete assessments with either the Assessment & Testing Center or the Office of Disability Services (ODS). If students intend to take an assessment at the Assessment & Testing Center and require additional accommodations, such as a screen reader or elevator access, please contact testingcenter@jmu.edu. State the needed accommodation and the test you would like to take in order to make an appointment. Please note that Testing Center staff may contact ODS to verify the accommodation.

Accommodations that cannot be made by the Assessment & Testing Center will be referred to the Office of Disability Services.

What hardware is supported in the Assessment Center?
102 Dell OptiPlex computers. The computers are set to restart after 30 minutes of inactivity, clearing all personal data saved locally.

One printer which allows for the printing of test scores only.

What software is in the Assessment Center?
MS Windows, MS Office, Respondus LockDown Browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Adobe Reader.

Can I generate tests using Canvas or Respondus?
Yes, faculty are encouraged to generate tests using Canvas or Respondus. This will ensure secure testing and completed assessments are accessible to the faculty member immediately after the test is submitted.

What formats are tests accepted?
Tests can only be accepted in a computer-based format such as Qualtrics, Canvas or Respondus. This will ensure secure testing and completed assessments are accessible to the faculty member immediately after the test is submitted.

Will you accept paper-based tests?
No. Paper-based tests cannot be accepted because we do not have the means to deliver completed exams.

What if I have a “hold” place on my account?
“Holds” are placed by the respective department whose requirement has not been met (i.e. University Studies places holds for MREST tests, UBO places holds for overdue tuition, Parking Services places holds for unpaid parking tickets, etc.). The hold will only be lifted when the requirement is met.

When a hold is placed, a student cannot register for classes, make any changes to account settings or information, use university services or receive their diploma until the hold is removed. All students are responsible for monitoring MyMadison to make sure requirements are met. Account holds will appear under the Student Center in MyMadison along with information regarding what the hold is for.

The Assessment & Testing Center has no way of placing, removing, or adjusting holds.

Are restrooms available in the Assessment and Testing Center?
No. There are no restroom facilities in the testing center; the nearest restrooms are located in the building next door, Harrison Hall.

Hours of Operation

Regular Hours:
9:00am - 5:00pm

Students with mobility devices:
Elevator access is available upon request. Please call prior to arrival.


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Assessment Center Rules
  • No talking above a whisper (regarding students not testing)
  • No talking (students with test in progress)
  • No electronic devices
  • No headphones unless required by the assessment
  • No food or drink of any kind permitted in the main area of the lab
  • Tests that allow multiple attempts can only be taken once per 24-hour period unless otherwise noted
  • No other windows can be open while tests are in session
  • No study material permitted unless otherwise noted
  • No printing except for test scores, instructions, and testing material
  • No bathroom facilities are available in the lab. The nearest are located in Harrison Hall

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