The Test Scoring Center provides grading and analysis of scansheets used for quizzes, tests, exams and surveys.

Important - The Test Scoring service has undergone significant changes effective May 20, 2024. Please see below for details.

Who can use this Service?

JMU faculty

How can I get this Service?

Bring the Answer Key, student Scantrons, and the Test Scoring Form (updated form can be found below or at the Help Desk) to the IT Help Desk at the Student Success Center.  Please use the information in the FAQs below to obtain the information needed to grade your test.

Course evaluations at JMU are now through Blue

Where can I get Help/Support?

Contact the IT Help Desk at (540) 568-3555


What information is needed on the Test Scoring Form?
A Test Scoring Form must be filled out for each test submitted to the Test Scoring Center. 


This form can be downloaded here for your use.

A Test Scoring Form must be filled out for each group of tests to be graded by the Test Scoring Center. Additional information how to fill out the form and what specific details mean can be found below:


  1. Instructor Name- who is requesting test scoring services
  2. Report Recipient Email- email of person who is receiving the test score report, does not have to be the same as the instructor’s name and can include multiple recipients. E.G., madisojm@jmu.edu.
  3. File Name- format breakdown: [Semester Code]-[Course Number]-[Section Number]-[Test Number] E.G. FA24-IT101-02-01 (First test for section two of IT 101 in Fall 2024)
  4. Scantron Delivery- would you like to pick up physical scantrons from the IT Help Desk in SSC or receive them through Inter-Campus Mail? Please provide your MSC if you choose to have them delivered.
  5. Questions Blocks- allow for different sections of a test to be scored with unique values.
    1. Begin- which test question begins the block
    2. End- which question ends the block
    3. Point Value- how many points is each question worth in that block
    4. Extra Credit (optional)- denotes that question block as extra credit added to their base score
    5. And- denotes multiple/ALL answers must be selected in order to be marked correct


Scantron Forms

How do faculty obtain Scantron Froms?
Scantron Forms are obtained directly from your department. The Test Scoring Center does not give Scantron Forms directly to faculty. To order Scantrons, please complete the following information and Scan/email the completed, signed form to Kaleigh Shorb (shorbks@jmu.edu) We will submit a completed ATV to Financial Reporting, which your department will then receive a copy of once it has been processed.

You will be able to pick up your Scantrons within 24 hours of submitting the completed reuqest form at the IT Help Desk. 


What Scantron Forms are available for use?

Form #

Number of Questions


Reponses per question

Cost per pack



4.25" x 11"





8.5" X 11"





8.5" X 11"





8.5" X 11"



Each pack of forms contains 500 scansheets.


For Faulty and Students, how should Scantron Forms be filled out?

  • Use a number 2 lead pencil only. Ink or colored pencil marks will not be read.
  • Write your name, test information, and date in the spaces provided, as directed by your instructor.
  • Legibly write your JAC number in the spaces provided and fill in the corresponding numbered boxes, use only the top 9. Verify that the ID section is properly filled out and marked to avoid errors. Illegible and/or misread digits cause errors in associating a test with a student.
  • Fill in answer boxes completely or responses may not be read.
  • Erase mistakes completely.
  • Do not make any stray marks on the test form.
  • Do not bend, fold, or hole-punch the Scantron Form.
  • Do not allow Scantron Forms to get wet.


How do Faculty fill out an Answer Key?

  • One Scantron Form will be filled out as an Answer Key and turn it in with the Student’s Scantron Forms. 
  • Fill in “00” for ID number on the Answer Key.
  • Include the instructor’s name on the Answer Key.
  • Answer Key and test Scantron Forms must be the same form type (i.e. F-165, F-166).


Can Students receive their test results electronically?
With Test Scoring Center moving away from SecureWeb, the ability to provide individual students their test results are limited. While Test Scoring can provide the individual reports for each student, it will be currently up to the faculty member to provide those scores to them.


What reports does the Test Scoring Center provide?

  • The Test Scoring Center grading software can generate eight unique reports for a given test. Shown below.
  • The files that are generated are based on the Scantron Forms and the file name is based off the provided Report Header from the Test Scoring Form

Test Name



Report Header 101 - Student Statistics Report.pdf

Contains a summary listing of the students with their raw and percentage scores.

Email (Printed Delivery Optional

Report Header 103 - Class Frequency Distribution Report.pdf

Contains a statistical analysis of the grade distributions across the grading scale.

Email (Printed Delivery Optional)

Report Header 150 - Student Grade Report.pdf

Contains individualized student grade and response information.  Old report #301

Email (Printed Delivery Optional)

Report Header 204 - Condensed Item Analysis Report.pdf

Contains an analysis of the responses for each test question

Email (Printed Delivery Optional)

Report Header 206 - Condensed Test Report

Contains a summary analysis of the test and responses for each test question.  Old report #106

Email (Printed Delivery Optional)

Report Header 310 - Test Statistics Report

Contains basic statistical information about the test grades.  Old report #104

Email (Printed Delivery Optional)

Report Header 320 - Test Item Statistics Report.pdf

Statistical information including the point value for each question.


Report Header.csv

Contains individualized student grade and response information in a "comma separated variable" format.  this file can be opened with Excel for additional analysis or for uploading into Canvas.


These reports will be emailed to you or who you designate on the Test Scoring form through secure transfer by way of TestScoring@jmu.edu.

Test Scoring Center
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 Please see the IT Help Desk site for openings and drop-off times


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