Effort Reporting is a Federal requirement under the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) for anyone who has received compensation from a Sponsored Program.  If you or someone who works for you received any compensation from a Sponsored Program, you will need to certify that the work related to that payment (also known as "effort") was completed.  Done “after the fact” each semester, Effort Reports must be certified by the employee themselves, or by someone with reasonable knowledge of the work completed by that employee.  This usually falls to the PI of the grant or the Department Head if the employee is unable to complete their certification.

Who can use this Service?

Core users of ERS are within Sponsored Programs Accounting; however, any JMU employee, with the exception of students, paid from a Sponsored Program (DeptID 5xxxxx) may be required to access the system to complete a certification.  The Certification must be completed by someone that would reasonably know the effort the individual applied to the project(s).

How can I get this Service?

Contact Sponsored Programs Accounting: Kyra Shiflet at shiflekl@jmu.edu or (540) 568-7108.

Where can I get Help/Support?

Contact Sponsored Programs Accounting Kyra Shiflet at shiflekl@jmu.edu or (540) 568-7108.


Can I access ERS from off Campus? 
No.  To maintain adequate security over the system and data, access to ERS is limited to computing devises ‘hardwired’ to the JMU network.  You can use a wireless connection while on campus, but you need to have the JMU VPN Client Network loaded on your computer.

Are student employees paid from sponsored Programs able to access the system and complete a Certification? 
No, students may not access the system.  Their supervisor or someone with reasonable knowledge of the work performed will need to complete the certification on their behalf.  Normally this responsibility would fall to the PI of the grant.

Who is required to complete an Effort Certification?   
You are required to complete an Effort Certification if you received compensation from a Sponsored Program (5xxxxx Department ID) that was based on a salary rather than an hourly wage.   This includes ‘release time’ compensation of university salary paid by a grant.   (Hourly employees are not required to complete an Effort Certification as their time cards serve as their “certification” of time worked.) 

Who do I contact if I am having difficulty logging into ERS? 
Kyra Shiflet  shiflekl@jmu.edu or (540) 568-7108

Since this is an “after the fact” verification; who may complete the Certification if the employee is no longer part of James Madison University? 
The certification may be completed by anyone with reasonable knowledge of the employee’s activities during the certification period (semester).  This is normally the PI; however, it might also be a Department Head or Dean, or possibly an Administrative Assistant that monitors hours worked.  To become the certifier for an individual or for all employees on a particular grant, please contact Kyra Shiflet to make that change in ERS. 

If I am on Sabbatical or Extended Leave from campus, how do I complete my certification?
In such cases, you would not be able to access the on-line Effort Reporting System.  You would need to contact Kyra Shiflet, shiflekl@jmu.edu or at (540) 568-7108 to make arrangements for hard copy versions of the Effort Reports to be sent to you.  You would need to verify and sign the certification statements and then return them to Kyra to be placed in the file for audit purposes.


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