Attention Webex Users:  JMU's Webex license is expiring soon, so please make plans to discontinue use of Webex by June 1, 2023.  More info can be found here.

Webex is an online conferencing tool that allows you to meet with colleagues anywhere in the world using your internet connection and web browser. With Webex, you can host virtual meetings online using audio and video, chat (IM) with others and conduct online presentations using screen sharing.

Who can use this Service?

JMU faculty/staff and students

Everyone is strongly encouraged to connect to Webex sessions using a computer or device with audio capabilities (speakers, microphone) as the preferred method, and only dial in using a telephone when absolutely necessary. This will avoid long distance toll charges to the phone being used.

How can I get this Service?

Request account using this form 

Students - login with your eID and password at jmudukes.webex.com.

Students can also access the Webex Meeting; faculty or staff may invite students to participate events, training or support through other Webex tools.

Students can host virtual meetings containing up to 1,000 participants. Share files, chat face-to-face using video, and share your screen to display professional virtualized presentations.

Faculty/Staff - login with your eID and password at jmu.webex.com.

Faculty and Staff can access and use 4 different tools:

Webex Meetings: Faculty and Staff can host virtual meetings containing up to 1,000 participants. Share files, chat face-to-face using video, and share your screen to display professional virtualized presentations.

Webex Events: Support for up to 1,000 participants. Host real-time online events on a large scale. Share files, presentations, and stream live video. Interact with participants using interactive features such as web-polling, Q&A, and chat.

Webex Training: Deliver highly interactive training classes, online, using audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, breakout sessions, and hands-on learning labs. Testing, tracking and grading capabilities are included.

Webex Support: Provide support for up to 5 users per session. Integrated high-quality video allows for real-time video chatting with audio. Allow support personnel to observe and troubleshoot software and system problems remotely. Reboot and reconnect to a user without losing your support session, even while in safe mode. Allow support technicians to take control of your screen to troubleshoot and diagnose problems quickly.

Where can I get Help/Support?

For using Webex in Canvas contact LET Support at letsupport@jmu.edu

For using Webex outside of Canvas contact the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@jmu.edu

Faculty and staff can contact Information Technology Training at (540) 568-8046 or ittraining@jmu.edu for assistance with hosting a Webex meeting.

Webex instructions

Attending a Webex meeting

Webex vs. Zoom vs. Teams Comparison Chart 

Using Webex Event

Linkedin Learning to explore Webex courses


Ask a Question

Report an Issue


Additional Support Resources from Cisco Webex:

Meetings - https://help.webex.com/ld-nyw95a4-CiscoWebexMeetings/Webex-Meetings#Get-Started (scroll to the bottom for more information about Personal Rooms)

Events - https://help.webex.com/ld-7srxjs-CiscoWebexEvents/Webex-Events#Get-Started

Training - https://help.webex.com/ld-mzc23k-CiscoWebexTraining/Webex-Training#Get-Started

Webex Support : https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com

Webex Knowledge Base: https://kb.webex.com


What is the difference between Webex Meetings, Training, and Events?


Webex Meetings

Webex Events

Webex Training

Up to 1,000 participants

Up to 1,000 participants

Up to 1,000 participants

Best for informal group meetings (best practice 1 – 20 participants)

Best for webinars and large group events

Best for trainings and online classes

Connects with Outlook productivity tools

Does not connect with Outlook productivity tools

Does not connect with Outlook productivity tools

Can record and save as MP4

Can save and record as MP4

Can save as MP4 if used through Canvas. Will save as WRF if originated from jmu.webex.com

Everyone can use video and audio

Ability to have roles with varying audio and video privileges – host, panelists, and attendees

Can be accessed directly from JMU Canvas site


Ability for host to mute everyone upon entry


Ability to use breakout rooms


What is the difference between faculty/staff accounts and student accounts?

JMU faculty/staff login at jmu.webex.com and will have access to all four Webex tools:  Meetings, Events, Training, and Support).


JMU students will login at jmudukes.webex.com and have access to Webex Meetings.


How do I use my personal room?

Your personal room is a persistent Webex link tied to your account. You can use this for informal meetings and office hours. Your personal room link can be found on your Webex account. Upon login you will see “Your Name’s Personal Room” with a link underneath ex: https://jmu.webex.com/meet/your-eID (for faculty/staff)

https://jmudukes.webex.com/meet/your-eID (for students)

This will always be available to send to participants and meet instantly. You do not need to schedule a meeting in your personal room, you can simply send invitees this persistent link.


How do I use Webex within Canvas?

For more information about Webex within Canvas, visit the JMU Libraries page at - https://ask.lib.jmu.edu/techsupport/faq/273818 and contact LET Support (letsupport@jmu.edu) with additional questions.


How can I create breakout rooms in my Webex session?

Breakout rooms are available in Webex Training. To schedule a Webex training, login to jmu.webex.com and click “WT” on the left sidebar of the homepage. Then click “Schedule Training” on the left sidebar under “Host a Session.” When you are selecting options for your session there is a section called “Breakout Session Assignment Settings” that you can customize. Once you have scheduled your training and are in the session, visit this page for additional information about using breakout rooms - https://help.webex.com/en-us/8cckd2/Manage-Breakout-Sessions-in-Cisco-Webex-Training


Can I add a virtual background to my Webex call?

Yes, currently virtual backgrounds are available using the Webex Meetings app on iOS devices. For more information on virtual backgrounds visit this page - https://help.webex.com/en-us/80jduab/Change-Your-Video-Background-in-Webex-Meetings-Events-and-Training


Can I have host multiple meetings at the same time?

When you schedule a Webex meeting you are the host of that meeting. As the host, you can schedule multiple meetings at the same time. However, you can only be in one active meeting at a time as the host. Ex. If you schedule 2 meetings from your account to both start at 9 am on 6/1, you will only be able to join one at 9 am on 6/1. To have the other simultaneous meeting work, you would need to choose “Let anyone with a host account on this site or anyone joining from an authenticated Cisco video device in this organization host my meeting” or assign an alternate host upon entry. Note: this is only for scheduled meetings. At no time can you host multiple meetings using your personal room. As a best practice, have the host who will attend the meeting also schedule the meeting through their account.


Will all my Webex sessions require a password?

Yes, for security there will be a password created when you schedule a Webex Meeting, Event, or Training. If you send the link to join to a participant directly (ex. embedded in an email) the participant will not be required to enter the password. However, if you only provide the meeting number (access code) then the user will be prompted to enter the given password.


What can I do as the host vs. participants in my Webex Meeting? 



  • Can start and end meeting
  • Can mute/unmute participants
  • Can use video and audio
  • Can share their screen/present
  • Can lock meeting
  • Can join meeting
  • Can mute/unmute self only
  • Can use audio and video
  • Can share screen/present if allowed
    by host


How do I access recordings?

Login to jmu.webex.com and click the third icon on the left sidebar that is one circle inside another (looks like a target). All recordings saved to the Webex site should all be listed and available for download.


What file format are my recordings in?

Webex Meetings, Events, and your personal room session recordings will be saved as MP4s. Webex Training sessions will be saved as WRF files and need to be converted.


Are transcriptions available for recordings?

Yes, all sessions recorded made after May 1, 2020 should have transcriptions available within the recording. These are only available after the recording has processed and not in real time during the session.


How do I delete recordings?

Select a recording by clicking the box next to the recording title. Then click “Delete” in the upper right of the screen. Confirm that you would like to delete the recording. To empty your trash click the dropdown menu under “My Recording Meetings” and click “Deleted.” Follow the same process of clicking the box next to the recording title. Then click “Delete All” in the upper right of the screen. Confirm that you would like to delete the recording permanently.


Can I livestream my Webex session?

Yes, you can livestream Webex Meetings, Events, or your personal room (not Webex training). To have this feature enabled for your account, email the IT Help Desk t helpdesk@jmu.edu.

You will need to have a destination for the livestream (ex. YouTube Live, Facebook Live) and some of those sites (ex. Youtube) require 24 hours to authenticate your account before you are able to livestream.


How do I use Webex in Outlook?

To use Webex in Outlook you will need to install Webex productivity tools. Visit this page to learn more about how to download productivity tools - https://help.webex.com/en-us/nby4rwy/Install-and-Set-Up-Webex-Productivity-Tools-for-Windows


Can I schedule a Webex Meeting, Event, or Training in Outlook?
Outlook uses Webex productivity tools which will utilize your personal room when you schedule a session. If you are using Outlook to schedule a session, the session will use your persistent personal room link ex. https://jmu.webex.com/meet/[YOUR EID] Do not use Outlook if you are trying to schedule an Event or Training.

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