AiM is the Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS) utilized on campus to track data related to our business function. Facilities Management processes over 45,000 work orders per year, maintains 2 stores locations, campus building and asset information, processes work order procurement data and tracks projects all within AiM. Billing reports are generated from AiM for billing our customers. Through remote web access to AiM, our customers can enter customer requests, which are then converted to work orders by the Work Control Center, and vehicle requests, which are converted into trips by Facilities Transportation, to be processed throughout the system.

Who can use this Service?

Any employee of James Madison University who has completed the training provided by IT Training.

How can I get this Service?

Login to MyMadison and click the Employee tab. Under Employee Training, select “Request Training Enrollment.” Click “Search by Course Name” and enter “AiM”. View which class sessions to register for.

AiM Work Order is for requesting services from Facilities Management.

AiM Motor Pool is for requesting a JMU-owned vehicle.

Where can I get Help/Support?

Customer request questions: Facilities Management Work Control Center at (540) 568-6101

Vehicle request questions: Facilities Management Transportation at (540) 568-8147 or (540) 568-7429

Technical or login issues: Joseph Archer at (540) 568-6838


What services are billed through AiM? 
Work order labor and material, vehicle trips, fuel pump usage, and utilities.

Can AiM be used off campus? 


  • Apr 26 default image ByteDance and Tencent applications prohibited

    Virginia law prohibits all JMU employees from using any application developed by ByteDance or Tencent on JMU devices or while connected to any state network.

  • Apr 26 default image Technology spring cleanup

    Information Technology encourages all employees to take time to review their technology use and consider moving files to the cloud.

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