An email system for students that includes email, calendar, and contact management services based on Microsoft 365 and can be accessed from a computer, web browser, or mobile client.

Who can use this Service?

JMU students who are currently enrolled.

Note: Alumni who graduated prior to December 2021 can access the email portion of the Dukes service, only as long as they maintain a current password. Alumni accounts that do not maintain a current password are removed twice annually on May 1 and October 1. Once an account has been removed due to an expired password, it cannot be reestablished.

How can I get this Service?

Student access is provided automatically upon matriculation.

Log in at https://dukes.jmu.edu

Where can I get Help/Support?

Information Technology Help Desk at (540) 568-3555, IT Service Portal or helpdesk@jmu.edu

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How do I connect to my Dukes account?

Please follow these steps: How to Configure your Dukes Email on all JMU-Supported Devices

How do I change my Dukes account password?

Your Dukes email password is the same as your JMU eID Password. To change your eID Password, you can follow these steps 

How long do graduates keep their Dukes account?

Accounts of graduates who do not re-enroll are deleted on May 1 or October 1 (whichever is sooner) following graduation. After an account is deleted, messages and data may be unrecoverable, so graduating students should make plans to migrate important items elsewhere.

What is my Dukes email address?

Your Dukes email address is eID@dukes.jmu.edu.

Do all students have access to Microsoft Office applications and OneDrive file storage?

Yes, provided the student is a current student.

Must I change my Dukes password regularly?

Enrolled students' Dukes password is the same as their eID password, which must be changed every 90 days. Legacy Alumni must change their Dukes password every 180 days to retain access to the account.   

What should I do if I forget my Dukes password?

Currently enrolled Students should proceed to the MyMadison login page and complete the “Forgot my password” process. Legacy Alumni should click on "Can't access your account?" on the dukes.jmu.edu login page and use self-service to reset your password. 

I am both a staff/faculty member and a student (or recent graduate).  Do I have two email accounts?

Yes, you have both a jmu.edu email account and a dukes.jmu.edu account. Forwarding your employee (jmu.edu) email to your Dukes account is prohibited according to the JMU Electronic Messaging Policy 1209.JMU IT strives to deliver all work-related email to your employee account, and all school related email to your Dukes account, but you may occasionally receive an email sent to the wrong account.

Am I able to forward email from my Dukes account to my Gmail account (or other)?

No. Forwarding your email to third-party email accounts is prohibited according to the JMU Electronic Messaging Policy 1209.  

Microsoft OneDrive

Online cloud storage service for storing, sharing, and syncing your documents and other files. Access and update your files from any of your devices.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and productivity tool that is included with Office 365. With Teams, you can chat with individuals or groups, hold video meetings, make audio/video calls, store and share files, and integrate with other applications.

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