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Winter Break Tips!

Halls close for the semester on Saturday, December 17 at 10:00 a.m. 

Requests to stay later (latest is 3:00 p.m.) must be sent to

Please realize that Winter Break is quite a long time! We will miss you!
Your room may start to as well, and it may begin to fight back; to avoid coming back to a mess, take care of these couple of things before you leave:

  • Sweep up your space a bit; brooms and vacuums are available in your hall office.
  • Wipe down your surfaces; there could be a build-up of sticky stuff, coffee residue, or just germs from a long semester.
  • TAKE OUT YOUR TRASH! It will smell horrible long before you get back and your hallmates will thank you.
  • Close your windows and lock them. Not only could it potentially rain or snow while you're gone but we want to offset potential break-ins. 
  • Turn off your lights to save electricity.
  • Take home your dirty laundry to get it freshly cleaned.
  • Take home any medications or personal items you may need; no one will be here over the break to let you in and card access is turned off. 

If you have a vacancy in your room, the empty bed should be cleared off and ready for another student to move in when returning in January. Your belongings should only be on one side of the room to allow for a welcoming environment. 

If you are not returning in the Spring, you should follow the move-out procedures that have been given to you. You should be checked out 24 hours after your last exam unless given approval by housing. 


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