The Office of Residence Life believes that the Apartments on Grace are a great option for upper-class and transfer students who want to experience apartment living with all the benefits of living on campus!

Located on Grace Street, this apartment-style building houses 500 students in a combination of 1 and 2-bedroom units with 2 residents per bedroom. Apartments come with a kitchen, fully furnished living room and bedroom(s), and 1 bathroom for every pair of residents. All units are wifi and cable ready, and all utilities are included in your room rent! This building is conveniently located near the Forbes Center, Memorial Hall, and the quad. In 2016, The Apartments on Grace received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver Award.

  • Two XL twin beds with innerspring mattresses
    • Beds are adjustable and loft-able; underneath clearance up to 55"
  • Two individual desks with rolling black chairs
  • Two free-standing wardrobes
  • Two chests of drawers
  • Fluorescent/LED lighting
  • Roller shades
  • Wireless Internet
  • TV cable hookup
  • Carpeted, Tile, and Vinyl Flooring
  • Drywalls (push pins or thumb tacks recommended)
  • This building is air-conditioned. View Instructions here.
  • Double bedrooms are approximately 180 square feet (15’ X 12’)
  • Single bedrooms are approximately 110 square feet (14’ X 8’ or 10’ X 10’)
  • All living rooms range between 110-140 square feet 

Apartments on Grace Floor Plans

Amenities include:

    • A variety of study spaces
    • Billiards and Table Tennis lounges
    • Outdoor basketball and volleyball courts
    • A BBQ area
    • Mailboxes for all residents
    • A covered and lighted bicycle shelter
    • Subway sandwich shop

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Bring:

  • Kitchen Supplies (cutlery knives allowed)
  • Kitchen Appliances (Toasters, George Foreman Grill, Toaster Ovens)
  • Dish soap and sponge
  • Drying rack or mat
  • Toilet Plunger
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies
  • Step stool
  • Thumb tacks or push pins (3M products not allowed)
  • Trashcans (including kitchen and bathroom)
  • USB plug-in or bluetooth supported printer

What to Leave Behind:

  • Portable Dishwasher
  • Portable Washer
  • Portable Dryer
  • Bed risers with electrical outlets built-in
  • Desk lamps with electrical outlets built-in
  • Candles
  • Duct tape
  • Extension cords
  • TV wall mounts
  • Guns, including paintball guns or any form of BB gun
  • Halogen lamps
  • Shower curtains (one is provided)
  • Incense
  • 3M products
  • Knives (Cutlery Knives are acceptable)
  • Pets
  • Room air conditioners
  • Room heaters
  • Weapons
  • Wireless routers and hubs

Any items not listed are up to the discretion of ORL.

A Note about Printers: Wireless printing on a large wireless network is much different than wireless printing from a home network. At home you might have ten total devices, one of which is a printer, therefore the printer is easy to identify, not to mention your network at home is usually secure and only accessible to you and your immediate family. At JMU there are thousands of devices on the network and a couple hundred of them could be printers. With the increased volume of printers, it makes it much harder to identify which printer is the right one to use. Another issue we face with wireless printers has to do with our network being open. On an open network, other people can see the printer devices, which means any student can print to any printer regardless of content or time of day. Also, our network is looking for an IP address and based on the DHCP lease the IP address can change making it that much more difficult to locate the right device associated with a particular IP address. 

There are three different layouts in the building. Each of these layouts includes a full kitchen and furnished living room.

  • 2 bedroom double occupancy units: These units have 2 residents per bedroom, for a total of 4 residents in each unit. Each bedroom has a bathroom. There are approximately 95 units of this style in the building.
  • 1 bedroom double occupancy units: These units have 2 residents in a bedroom. There is one bathroom in this unit. There are approximately 45 units of this style in the building.
  • 2 bedroom single occupancy units: These units have 1 resident per bedroom, for a total of 2 residents in each unit. One of the bedrooms is for a Resident Adviser. There is a bathroom to be shared by both residents. There are approximately 15 units of this style in the building.

Double bedrooms are approximately 180 square feet. Single bedrooms are approximately 110 square feet. Living rooms range between 120 and 140 square feet.

See the floor plans for the Apartments on Grace here.

Individual units will be available to students during the Upperclass Online Room Selection process which takes place in the spring semester. Only students who can fill an entire 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom unit will be able to select an apartment in the Apartments on Grace.

Unfortunately, demand for these apartments is often greater than the total number of units.

Students with signed Live On Again! Contracts will be able to select a unit during Returning Student Online Room Selection in the spring. A student’s selection timeslot for Online Room Selection is based on the date they signed their Live On Again! Contract. Therefore, students who sign Live On Again! Contracts early will have an earlier timeslot than students who sign their contracts later. 

*Please note that signing a Live On Again! Contract does not guarantee a student a space in any specific building

Any student with a signed housing contract will be eligible to live in the Apartments on Grace. Only students that are able to fill an entire unit will be able to go through Online Room Selection during the designated apartment selection time.

While Online Room Selection log in times are based on when a student signed a housing contract, students can form groups to select a unit together. The unit would be selected by the person with the earliest lottery time.

  • Example: You and your two friends signed your Live On Again! Contracts in December. You have another friend who completed a Live On Again! Contract in July. This means that when Online Room Selection starts for the new apartments, your friend who signed a contract in July can select a 2 bedroom double occupancy unit for your entire group of four.

Please note that signing a housing contract does not guarantee a student a space in any particular building; it only guarantees you housing on campus.

All apartment residents will be required to have a commuter or a residential meal plan. Meal plan selections will be made during Online Room Selection in the spring. More information about each meal plan can be found on the Card Services website.

Apartment residents with cars and valid JMU parking permits will be able to parking in available resident lots located near the building. Parking is on a first come, first serve basis, and is not guaranteed for any resident.

All bedrooms will include a twin XL mattress and frame, as well as a dresser, wardrobe, desk, and desk chair, for each resident. The beds are adjustable lofts. Living rooms will be furnished with four upholstered chairs, and coffee and end tables. The kitchen will include a refrigerator/freezer, oven/stove, sink, and stools for the breakfast bar. Students will need to bring their own small appliances, such as a toaster, coffee maker, and microwave.

See the furniture in the rooms on our virtual tours of Apartments on Grace!

The Apartments on Grace will be staffed with Resident Advisers and a professional, full-time Hall Director. Resident Advisers will be on duty every night, working out of a central hall office and conducting regular building rounds.

Any student living in the Apartments on Grace will be responsible for the annual housing contract fee (currently $40), and the semesterly internet fee. All utilities are included in the room rent charge.

The apartment room rent for all unit types will be $500 more per semester than the standard room rent. The Board of Visitors determines all room rents during their April meeting. See Room and Board Costs.

The Apartments on Grace will be on the same occupancy schedule as the other residence halls on campus. Student are able to remain in their apartment for Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks, not Winter Break. All residents must vacate their units at the end of the spring semester.

To protect the general health and safety of hall residents, pets are not allowed in any university-owned or university-operated housing. The only exceptions to this policy are fish that are kept as pets and animals approved by the Office of Disability Services.

Honors Students can choose to select a space in Paul Jennings Hall or the Apartments on Grace. Additionally, the Office of Residence Life is designating a number of 2 bedroom double occupancy and 1 bedroom double occupancy units on the 2nd floor of the apartments for pre-authorized Honors students and their non-Honors roommates.

Only students who are able to fill an entire unit will be able to go through Online Room Selection during the designated apartment selection time for Honors students. At least 50% of the apartment residents must be in the Honors College. Honors students will receive more specific information from our office in Februrary.

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