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Room Changes

First Year Residents: 

There is a 3 week freeze on room changes at the beginning of the fall semester. Room Change Requests will be process once the freeze has been lifted. 

Returning Upperclass Residents:

Room change requests for returning upperclass residents are now being accepted for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Please submit your request though the Online Housing System by Friday, July 6, 2018.

In addition, requests for room changes can be submitted on the first business day of each semester. The Housing Office may not process room change requests until after the first three weeks of each semester.  If you are having a roommate conflict, please contact your RA or Hall Director for assistance in resolving your conflict.  A room change may not occur until the conflict is addressed by hall staff.


For a smooth room change, students should take the following steps:

    1. Complete the Room Change Request Form through the Online Housing System

    2. The Housing Office will notify the student of a room change offer via their JMU e-mail address. The student is given contact information for the potential new roommate. They are asked to meet the potential new roommate before accepting or declining the offer. If the student accepts the offer they will receive an authorization email and given access to their new building. If the student declines the offer they should contact the Housing Office to receive another room change offer. 

    3. Once the room change offer has been accepted, the students needs to schedule a meeting with the new Hall Director to complete a Room Condition Form and receive a key. The student can then move their belongings into their new room assignment.

    4. It is important to schedule a meeting with the original hall director to complete and sign a Room Condition Form and return keys after the student removes all belongings from his or her original room assignment. Failure to officially check out may result in financial charges to your student account.

Direct Switches of Room Assignments

A direct switch involves two residents of the same hall exchanging room assignments. Hall Directors have the authority to approve direct switches. Room changes into vacant spaces or any other hall must follow the Room Change guidelines outlined above.

Unauthorized Room Changes

Room changes cannot be made without proper authorization. Students may be fined for unauthorized room changes and must return to their original room assignments.

End of Semester Room Changes

At the end of the fall semester there are usually a substantial number of room changes. Students who request a room change should submit their Room Change Request form through the Online Housing System by November 30, 2018. If a student's roommate is moving and the student does not notify ORL of his or her roommate preference, ORL will assign a new roommate to the student's room.

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