IT Training created assessment exams for JMU employees. The exams are connected to specific Microsoft Office 2016 courses, including Excel Basic, Word Basic, and PowerPoint Basic.

Who can use this Service?

JMU faculty and staff

How can I get this Service?

Complete the request form, or contact IT Training at ittraining@jmu.edu or call 568-8046.

Where can I get Help/Support?

IT Training at ittraining@jmu.edu

Microsoft Office Skills Inventories:

2016 Word Basic

2016 Excel Basic

2016 PowerPoint Basic


Why should I take an assessment?
If you successfully pass the specific assessment, you will not need to take the related IT Training course.

What topics are included in the assessment?
See the above listing of skills inventories. The assessment draws questions straight from the course material. 

How does the assessment relate to the Administrative Assistant Certificate Program?
If you pass the specific assessment connected to the specific module in Module 5 Technology, you will not need to take the specific IT Training course. Table below shows the assessments connected to the specific modules:

 Passing Software Assessment


Training Credit

Excel: Basic Assessment Test

IT376 Excel Basic

Same training credit in MyMadison

Word: Basic Assessment Test

IT467 Word Basic

Same training credit in MyMadison

PowerPoint: Basic Assessment Test   

IT426 PowerPoint Basic   

Same training credit in MyMadison    

Example: If you register for the Word: Basic assessment and pass it, you will have completed module #5.13 for the Administrative Assistant Certificate Program.

How do I schedule an assessment?
Contact IT Training to schedule the assessment(s) you want to take. Email ittraining@jmu.edu or call 568-8046.

How long does the assessment last?
The table below shows the maximum time periods for each assessment: you have up to an hour to complete an assessment.  If you are doing the IT369 Excel Refresh to Test, allow an additional hour prior to taking the assessment for Excel.

Software Assessment        

Specific Time     

Excel: Basic

60 minutes

Word: Basic

60 minutes

PowerPoint: Basic

60 minutes

What's the passing score for an assessment?
All of the assessments are consistent with the same passing score, 80%.

Where do I go to take the assessment?
Go to the IT Training Center.

Who do I contact for questions?
Email IT Training at ittraining@jmu.edu

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