What is it?

The Advanced AACP is an opportunity to provide experienced administrative assistants with the opportunity to increase self-awareness, expand their skill-sets, and network with other seasoned professionals to enhance individual and organizational performance.  Rather than focusing on tasks, this program encourages participants to practice introspection and big picture thinking.  Advanced AACP is designed to be completed in three years.

Who is eligible?

The Advanced AACP is open to employees who have completed the Administrative Assistant Certificate Program, are currently serving in an Administrative Assistant role, and have a minimum of two years full-time or three years part-time experience in an Administrative Assistant role.

To earn the Advanced AACP certificate, one must meet the qualifications and be admitted into the program.

What Workshops Do You Need to Take?

Advanced AACP Workshop List

Here are the steps to get started: 

  • Step One: Complete and return the Intent to Participate Form
  • Step Two: Register for and attend the Advanced AACP Overview Workshop – Entry Course
  • Step Three: Register for the remaining courses in the Advanced AACP curriculum.  NOTE: Only those workshops completed a year prior to your entry date can count for credit
  • Step Four: Use the Advanced AACP Curriculum and Tracking Sheet to track your progress
  • Step Five: You will receive an email in late-March outlining next steps to send in your tracking sheet to receive your certificate.
  • Step Six: Once you have completed all of the required courses, please submit your tracking sheet to Talent Development, MSC 5808 or td@jmu.edu

How do I know when I’ve completed the program?

The Advanced AACP is complete once you have completed the requirements in each of the focus areas.  Check your tracking sheet against your training summary (found in MyMadison, Employee tab, View Training Summary) to be sure each component is complete.

Once you’ve satisfied all of the program requirements, you will be recognized at our annual AACP event in April.

The Advanced AACP is designed to start with the Advanced AACP Overview Course and to be completed within three years. Tracking sheets and materials are due by the deadline set by Talent Development (typically December).Some workshops may need to be repeated if they are not attended within the three year timeframe in order to receive a certificate.

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